Injuries killing your fantasy team?

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All it takes is one wrong move or a player landing on another player’s foot after a jump shot attempt, and in the blink of an eye your odds of taking down your NBA Fantasy league dropped faster than John Amaechi’s towel in the change room.

Injuries appear to be the theme of the year thus far to many players. It seems as though no one is immune and we all have felt the burn of watching our beloved star player(s) go down in agonizing pain. A torn hamstring, damaged Achilles, strained ACL/MCL or an elbow infection. Whatever the injury, NBA stars are dropping like flies this season.

Aaron Brooks – Sever ankle sprain
David Lee – Elbow Infection caused by a lodged Tooth Fragment
Andrew Bynum – Knee surgery recovery
Baron Davis – Cyst in Knee/Fluid Build up
Andre Iguodola – Achilles strain
Brandon Roy – Strained Knee
Mo Williams – Groin
Carlos Boozer – Broken thumb
Chris Kaman – Ankle strain
Yao Ming – Constant Leg/Foot issues

The above listed sample of serious player injuries can be attributed to the grind that is the NBA season. The problem here is that most teams are only 10 games into the season. The debate than becomes a difficult one both when drafting your fantasy team and managing your squad. What do you do? Do you draft a player with the hope they will return sooner than later and become an immediate help? Or do you let them sit on the waiver wire and babysit the player watch list and wait for the right moment to add them. The problem now becomes you are in a bidding war with all other GM’s in your league.

Do we play for the moment, or do we plan for the future as the NBA season is quite long and strenuous. Do we draft players like Carlos Boozer and Andrew Bynum with the hope that their return will signify a substantial turnaround in your season? What format is your team participating in? Rotisserie or Head-to-Head? This will also play a huge part in your draft tactics.

Whatever your game plan happens to be, player injuries and team management is the hardest part of the game. No one can predict who will get injured, when and for how long.

For some of us Fantasy Cowboys, drafting an injured player can have major benefits or devastating results!!!

Tell us your fantasy injury nightmares and your fantasy backup player fill-in surprises!


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