Best dunk of recent times?

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Nothing gets us off our seat like a rim rattling dunk, watching a player get posterized, and alley-oop or a put-back slam. Below is a listing of some of the most powerful dunks that we could remember of recent memory!


1) Vince Carter over 7’2 Fredric Weis at the 2000 Olympics:

2) Dwayne Wade posterizing Anderson Varejao

3) Baron Davis posterizes Andrei Kirilenko in the 2007 Playoffs

4) Amare Stoudemire posterizes Richard Jefferson

5) Paul Pierce puts Chris Bosh on his keester

6) Kobe Bryant dunks over Kid Canada Steve Nash

7) Chris Paul dunks over Dwight Howard

8 ) Russell Westbrook facializes Lamar Odom in the playoffs

9)  Andre Iguodola dunks over Yao Ming

10) And last only because you’ll remember it more than 1, is MJ’s famous cram over Patrick Ewing at MSG Arena

Do you remember a great dunk that got you off your seat or made you go ooooooo-weeee?

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  1. jrod, 10 years ago Reply

    What about Blake Griffin and his two dunks against the Knicks…

  2. dabowse, 10 years ago Reply

    Very true jrod! These dunks were as dirty as can be. He made the Knicks look like kids on the court. These dunks happened after the posting. But they are most definitely memorable!

  3. Ziggy, 10 years ago Reply

    Weak dunk selection Bowse

  4. dabowse, 10 years ago Reply

    TheBowse would love to hear..or better yet see your selections of wicked and dirty dunks!

  5. Homer Sugabo, 10 years ago Reply

    everybody say Kobe is MVP!

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