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What have we learned in this early 2010/2011 NBA season?

We have learned that those who we thought would be elite (Heat/Bulls/Magic) aren’t so elite and some who we felt would be not so great (Hornets/Warriors/Suns) are far better than earlier estimated and are experiencing a great start to the season.

Let’s focus on one team and one player in particular who is a member of what was supposed to be the “Team to Beat”. In the offseason, as we all are aware 3 Kings emerged in Miami and chose to take their talents to the Miami Heat basketball club. All three are extremely talented players in their own regard, yet one of these so-called Kings is playing like a court jester. Chris Bosh formerly the heart and soul of the Toronto Raptors has been a mere blip on the radar screen for opposing teams playing the Heat. Game plans aren’t as intricate as earlier planned considering the type of play Bosh has been exhibiting. Having his scoring average drop nearly 10 points per game, his rebounding number down nearly half from last season and his blocks per game dramatically down as well one must question…What’s going on?

Truth of the matter is, from his early days as High school Player of the Year to his year at Georgia Tech, he was never really surrounded by the type of skilled players as he is now (Lebron James and Dwayne Wade) with the Miami Heat. Having played with the Toronto Raptors for 7 years, Bosh was continuously partnered up with numerous sub-par big men. These players could provide nothing more than the occasional rebound, put back or pick and roll opportunity (See below for some of Bosh’s former teammates) leaving Bosh as the soul offensive option. Now that Bosh is surrounded by arguably 2 of the NBA’s best players, Bosh is left fighting for respectability as his touches per game is down and he is no longer the focal point on an offence for the first time in his career. Being the number 3 scoring option on a team is taking a serious toll on Bosh’s ego as he has recently been heard stating that he is nothing more than a third wheel. Moving to Miami was a move he took to win a championship and to have additional media focus on him. The prior may have to wait based on his teams play to start the season and the latter is exactly what he’s getting. Only in a negative manner, even including some talk of trading the once Star of an entire country (Canada).

Denying the fact that Bosh is a tremendously skilled ball player would be a mistake. But placing him in the same category of a player and leader as some of the current greats like Lebron, Wade, Durant, Amare and others is nothing more than laughable. His stats speak volumes and we have learned that Bosh is nothing more than a condiment to the main dish that is the “Talent in South Beach”. Bosh has been seen pouring his Ketchup and Mustard on opponents all year to the tune of 16 pts and 6 rebounds per game. Not the kind of stats that was expected and what the Heat paid over $100 million dollars for now is it!

CB4 or CB4-get about it?

Sample Teammate Listing:
Loren Woods, Aaron Williams, Matt Bonner, Rafael Araujo, Charlie Villanueva, Joey Graham, Kris Humphries, Pape Sow, Jorge Garbajosa, Maceo Baston, Primoz Brezec

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