Collective Bargaining or Bargaining to Collect?

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As the 2010/2011 NBA season is in full gear, we can’t help but fear the potential work stoppage/lockout looming next season (June 30, 2011). What’s really at stake here? A few million dollars? Fatter wallets for the already obese? More diamonds and expensive cars for those who don’t know what to do with them?

NO…What’s at risk here is a tarnished image with their adoring fans by virtue of greed and the want for the rich to get richer. Whether it’s the Owners or the Players you side on in this specific situation, the fact remains is that someone is going to get a lot wealthier when all is said and done.

The Salary cap for this current 2010/2011 season is set at $58.04 million dollars and the average player’s salary is $5.356 million per year. Take into consideration each team play with a maximum of 15 players and you see where the argument from the owner’s side takes into effect. The NBA is seeking to reduce all players’ costs (salaries & benefits) by 1/3 or $750-800 million.

Players receive the majority of revenues and owners feel that operating expenses are far too high for them to run successful, profitable businesses. Players are guilty of over-performing and being paid for the work they have done on the court and not for the revenues and profits they drive back to the organizations they play for.

A complete restructuring of the current salary cap would mean a significant decrease in average salaries and a much different approach when it comes to signing free agents and making trades with other teams.

This being said it was announced at last years All-Star game that the NBA was set to lose approximately $400 million dollars and is heading down an economic path of turmoil if this isn’t fixed, and fixed fast.

As witnessed in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL in the past, work stoppages are not the best solution and will do nothing but alienate its fans and take a lengthy period of time to regain the trust and loyalty it once had!

As this season looks to be better than ever, let’s hope the 3’s keep falling, the dunks keep getting hammered away and free throw percentages fluctuate like the weather!!

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