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It’s almost a 1/4  of the way through  this season and you’ve been frantically analyzing your team.

You drafted a player in the 1st round that isn’t performing the way you had hoped. What happened to your sure fire double/double and top 10 ranked player? Now comes the time in the season when you have to make the decision and choose whether to try and trade your supposed stud and get some value and/or depth for him. Or maybe you sit on them a little while longer and hope they turn it around and play up to their expectations. Great examples of these types of players thus far this year are guys such as:
- Lebron James
- Dwayne Wade
- Amare Stoudemire
- Brook Lopez

Now this is just to name a few examples of underachievers thus far (from a Fantasy perspective).

Now, let’s take a look at those players on your team who you may have drafter in the later rounds whose performances thus far have surpassed any and all expectations. These are those guys you took a shot at with the hopes that they would surprise the world. Each of us goes into a Fantasy Draft with a few of these supposed “sleepers”. Those guys that we all feel no one else has on their radar and we hope are still around come the later rounds of your draft. Maybe they’re coming back from injury, maybe they’re coming off of a terrible season prior, a rookie who you feel will make a larger impact or maybe they’re a player who you would never expect to even crack the top 30. Players that fit this sample group this year are guys like:
- Paul Milsap
- Raymond Felton
- Wilson Chandler
- Serge Ibaka
- Javale McGee
- Dorell Wright

One must now take an in depth look at their team, study these type of players stats and decide whether or not they will continue this play throughout the whole season or not. Trading these types of possible overachievers can bring back a better suited fantasy player who will provide longevity or even garner you greater depth for your squad in some cases.

The question is a tough one as you may love how your team is performing. Do you make a move or stick with your current roster?


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  1. Ziggy, 10 years ago Reply

    Serge Ibakas numebrs were up cause Green was out for 8 games….he aint no stud !! Chandler was my last round pick and has been consistent all year !!

  2. JayRod, 10 years ago Reply

    Ziggy is a hater, trust me Zigmeister Ibaka will have a huge fantasy year. It has nothing to do with Green, his numbers were up before that. He bring hustle, rebounding, blocks and scoring off the bench and is playing almost 30 mins a game.

  3. justin, 10 years ago Reply

    Amare is an animal your crazy

  4. dabowse, 10 years ago Reply

    No doubt, he has recently taken off and has started to play like himself. You gotta admit he started slow.

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