Kobe or Lebron

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This is one of most heavily debated question.

What’s your call? Kobe or Lebron.

Let’s discuss…

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  1. JayRod, 10 years ago Reply

    Lebron is more talented and more athletic, however Kobe has way more heart and killer instinct then Lebron. Overall, I would want Kobe in his prime on my team over Lebron. Lebron has showed that he isn’t a leader, while the opposite is true for Kobe. Kobe has proven he can win championships, with our without another major star (even through Gasol is starting to really like one) while Lebron takes the easy way out.

    I would take the heart of a champion over athleticism any day.

  2. Miami Shirts, 10 years ago Reply

    Alright well Spo has just a little bit left before Pat comes downstairs to the court.

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