New “sexts” from Tony Parker?

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After filing for divorce from Eva Longoria following their 3 year marriage, it may appear that Tony Parker has more Tiger in him than we “Woods” have thought!

As reported in US Magazine News broke about Parker’s alleged sexts with ex-teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Berry for close to a year.

The question now, is whether it was simply with Erin Barry, or was it with any other ex-teammate’s wife? David Robinson? Robert Horry? There must be more to this story than has been reported as Tony Parkers play has been declining drastically over the past couple of weeks. Up until November 24 of this season, Tony had scored less  than 18 points in a game only once. Since then and since all the news coverage on his life began Tony has averaged only 7.3 points and has shot a miserable 32.5% from the field. These stats span his last 4 games including last Wednesday’s 2 point 4 assist game versus the Clippers.

It appears as though all the legal issues are becoming quite a distraction. Only time will tell how much his game will be affected by the constant media attention.

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