The Cost of Being a Fan

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Far too many times tragedy comes at a price not worth paying.

This past Sunday in Los Angeles, there was no cost to associate with the loss as it was priceless.

On November 21, 2010 Lucas Anthony Tang suffered head injuries when he landed on rows of seats minutes after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors 117-89. Unfortunately, the toddler later died in hospital that evening. What makes this even more tragic is that it was preventable. According to witnesses, the family of the youth were seen looking at digital photographs of the game and had lost track of their son. This is a sad example of poor parenting that has resulted in a tragic ending.

Glass barriers are found atop the cement facing of each luxury box, yet somehow the 2-3 year old child made his way up high enough to climb over and tragically plunge to his death.

The Staples Center is built to protect its visitors, provide the best possible experience and make the game fan friendly. Are these luxury boxes too fan friendly? Should there be additional precautionary measures set in place in order to prevent such accidents to happen? Could this have been prevented? One must wonder just how high these glass barriers are and whether they should be higher. Should there be a minimum age limit for admittance in each luxury box?

These are all questions that are sure to be reviewed over and over…unfortunately the answer cannot come soon enough as this young boy paid the ultimate price.

This is not the first such accident in professional sports. Similar incidents have happened at live sporting events:

1) New England Patriots (NFL) fan dies of Heart Attack:

2) Columbus Blue Jacket (NHL) fan dies from blunt head trauma:

3) NHRA fan dies from flying debris:

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