Christmas and Holiday Thoughts!

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It’s the holiday season. Time to be with family, rejoice and reflect. Time to think back at the year that was and work our ways towards the coming year.

Who has been naughty and who has been nice? Santa Clause asks this question every year. Whether he gets the answer he seeks is a better one. From an NBA perspective, there have been some who have been very naughty, and some that have been extra nice. As the holidays are upon us let’s take a quick look back at 2010 and add some names to’s Naughty and Nice list!


Lebron James – Public Enemy #1 in some parts. He abandoned the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Ohio area and packed up and went down to Miami. A premature move to help him win an NBA Championship. At such an early age it’s a hard pill for NBA fans to swallow. Why would a player who is coming off of back to back MVP seasons need to surround himself with 2 other MVP type players? Karl Malone and Gary Payton did it with the LA Lakers, but who can blame them? They were on the down swing of their careers and wanted one more kick at the can. LBJ on the other hand is a rising star and should have stayed put in Cleveland. For this reason alone, he tops our Naughty list.

Chris Bosh – Similar to Lebron, Bosh deserted the Toronto Raptors and all of Canada for the matter to go to Miami in search of an NBA title. Who could blame him though? He was never anything more than an All-Star. And he was only an All-Star because he played on a team that had limited firepower and he was the focal point of their offence. Bosh claimed the city of Toronto was too foreign for him, didn’t have “League Pass” on television and was just not providing him with enough media coverage. On to Miami he went, and so far so bad as he has become a 3rd fiddle and afterthought as he sits in the shadows of Lebron and Dwayne Wade.

Ricky Rubio – Ricky once again chose to stay in Europe and play ball overseas. He continued to deny the North American NBA fan the chance to watch him day in and out. He is a basketball talent like no other. In the 2010 World Championships it was hard not to take note of how dominant he was against NBA star Rajon Rondo. Eventually he will have to come overseas, but until than he is keeping his fans hostage as we await his arrival.

Allen Iverson – In a career that could have gone down as one of the greatest of all time, Iverson returned to the city where it all began. Iverson signed a contract with the 76ers and promised Philadelphia fans that he was committed to playing at a high level. His tenure with the Philly faithful was short-lived as he cited a family issue for the reason he left the team and never returned. Now playing overseas in Europe this turkey looks like he has ruined his legacy forever and is no longer welcome in the NBA.


David Stern – Holding fort for over 25 years as league Commish, David continues to work with league team’s in giving back to their communities. David continuously looks to find new and better ways to grow the sport, promote the game and give back. Growing the game overseas and putting on the best show possible makes David Stern one of the most interesting people. New goals for him include trying to prevent a work stoppage after this season, and if all goes well and if Stern stays true to form and the NBA will no doubt continue to entertain!

Mikhail Prokhorov – A billionaire Russian entrepreneur, who purchased the New Jersey Nets in 2009, Mikhail has promised to bring the Nets to the Brooklyn area. Rejuvenating the Nets and ensuring basketball in the Bronx will soon become a reality has made him one of the game’s nice guys as he uses his wealth to promote the game!

Craig Sager – The NHL has Don Cherry, and the NBA has Craig Sager. With his loud and outlandish clothes, Sager’s clothing entertains and befuddles fans. His interview style is unique and players respect him. He asks the question we all want to ask, and get’s to the point in the limited time he has. Game breaks and post game interviews typically are boring and not worth watching, unless of course we need sunglasses due to Sager’s sport coat selection.

Los Angeles Lakers – Once again, the Lakers proved why they are the team to beat. Winning the NBA Championship once again by beating the Boston Celtics in 7 games showed why Kobe and company aren’t just Kobe and company. Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest proved that the Lakers are more than just a man show and electrified fans as the Lakers ran over the competition. They may have a tougher road this season, but the quality of play last season made the game exciting and kept fans wanting more.

The New Year is fast approaching, and the games just keep getting better. What does 2011 have in store no one knows. What is a for sure is that the game will take a hit if a work stoppage happens after this season. Fingers are crossed and wishes are being made that the season doesn’t end in misery. Until than, we will rejoice, sit back and keep being entertained by the worlds greatest athletes.

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