Fantasy Basketball: Is it just Fantasy?

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The anticipation of the upcoming season builds up inside like a volcano ready to erupt. The NBA season is approaching as well as your Fantasy Basketball draft. You have been on a 4 month hiatus from your Fantasy Team and since the NBA season ended. You have no other reason to wake up early in the morning anymore, since there are no stats to track. So you reluctantly sleep in and wait…impatiently.

If the above sentiments sound familiar to you, rest assured that you aren’t alone and you are in fact a Fantasy Basketball “Fanatic”. Fantasy Basketball is a religion if you are a part of any Fantasy League. And it’s almost a guarantee that if you are involved in a league, whatever the format you are in, you’re in it for the long run. There’s no such thing as the casual participant. With Basketball, you have to always be monitoring player movements, injuries and roster changes almost hourly in order to stay on top and gain a competitive edge.

Whether it’s Head-to-Head, Rotisserie, Salary Cap or Fantasy Points your team is your family and you will do whatever it takes to make it stronger. Late nights staring at your computer monitor watching live game stats or tearing through multiple websites to try and find a scoop no one else in your league has are sights that can be seen on a daily basis.

The build up to the Draft for your league is long and strenuous. Research and in depth evaluations will be conducted in order to determine who you feel are the players you desire heading into the draft. The problem is that in most formats, you aren’t aware of your draft position until only a few moments before your draft. This leaves a lot of uncertainty as it’s difficult to strategize not knowing your draft spot.

As the draft rolls on, you make your selections and eventually you have yourself a team that you think will win it all. That is until you exit your draft room and look at what players are available on the waiver wire. Maybe you picked a rookie in the draft but you’re not so sure of them anymore. Maybe you picked an old vet you believe will have a comeback or in a lot of cases there’s a chance your computer froze and an auto draft selection was made on your behalf and you have to fix the wrong that was made.

This process of daily player monitoring and micro-managing your team will continue right until the end of the season. Your life is engulfed with Fantasy Basketball. You think about it while you are at work. You debate about it with friends. You watch a disgusting amount of NBA on TV to try and find a player who looks like they are the next big thing. Whatever your poison, we can promise you that you are in fact a Fantasy Basketball Fanatic.

And for this, we love you that much more!


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