Orlando Trade Talks Heat Up

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According to www.OrlandoStripedPost.com, discussions opened up about a possible Gilbert Arenas trade from the Washington Wizards to the Orlando Magic in January right after Arenas had gun charges laid to for gun possession. Talks cooled down after the suspension was set, but heated up once again in the summer. The key elements of the trade included Arenas, Andre Blatche, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. CBSsports.com’s Ken Berger reported that the trade talks were pulled off the table due to Arenas’ over $80 million that is due to him over the next 4 seasons including this current one.

It appears as though the Magic are seriously still contemplating making a serious move in order to not only stay competitive with the other elite teams in the league, but to surpass them at least from a talent perspective.

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  1. Alleen Pfau, 10 years ago Reply

    someone with basketball knowledge explain to me how Gilbert Arenas makes the Magic better?

  2. TheBowse, 10 years ago Reply

    Deepens the bench. Adds more firepower to the team and strenghtens their offense! Very simple. So long as he agrees to playing a bench role!

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