Lebron Comes Home!

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With a chorus of boo’s and the oh so familiar sight of Lebron James chalking his hands, clapping them together and throwing the excess residue in the air it was clear that the King had returned to claim his throne. The difference this time, is that this is no fairy tale and The King in question is taking said throne to the beach.

He started off a tad sluggish, as he appeared to be a bit nervous or even excited some would say. It appeared as though the fans and the hype leading up to his return to Cleveland were getting to him.

This was the case for the frist few moments of the game until he got the ball behind the 3-point line on the bottom sideline and proceeded to drive past Jamario Moon and JJ Hickson for a reverse lay-up that seemed to ignite the Miami Heat bench and more importantly James himself.

From that point on, Lebron had the game in control. He settled down and starting meticulously slicing through whatever defensive set the Cavs sent his way. It was clear LBJ was making a statement. But the type of statement was unclear. Until the 3rd quarter, when James torched the Cavaliers for 24 of his game high 38 points on 10-12 shooting from the field. Add to his 38 points a solid line of 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 0 turnovers through 3 quarters, and Lebron had put together quite a stat stuffing night.

Announcing the game, Reggie Miller made an interesting point about whether Lebron should play in the 4th quarter or not as the 3rd was winding down. It appeared as though Lebron would show some respect to the Cavalier fans, and he did just that. He respectfully sat on the bench in the 4th (His choice or Coach Spoelstra’s?) as fans continued their barrage of insults.

If Lebron wanted to silence his critics, consider them all mutes after the performance he put on. He’s a top tier elite player who proved why he is arguably the best player in the NBA. Lebron is a champion. The question is when will he win an actual championship? And if he wins it with the Heat is it tainted due to the talent he is surrounded with?

Miami 118 Clevland 90. It was a stament game for Lebron. Not against a superior NBA team, but to his fans past and present.

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  1. Ziggy, 10 years ago Reply

    Great post Bowse…but you can;t call the man a champion until he actually wins one …..Last nights performance was pretty impressive in such a hostile environment nonetheless…..I don’t think Bosh will do the same thing when Miami rolls through Toronto…..

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