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We are well over 20 games into the 2010-2011 season and each team’s identity is pretty clear. As playoff seeding’s are being examined daily teams are beginning to take stock of what their roster strength’s and weaknesses are. At this point in the season, from a statistical standpoint each team is still alive and kicking. If we take a step back and really peak inside the truths of the standings one will note that there are some teams who are already playing for ping-pong balls (Timberwolves, Kings, Nets, 76ers, Pistons) and the rest are left fighting for the playoffs.

As the 1/4 mark of the season is now upon us teams will further evaluate their payrolls, contracts and personnel much deeper. Is it time to pull the trigger and make a move that can strengthen their lineup? Or do they sit back and wait. It may be a case of a lack of chemistry (Heat) or a player or two who appear to be underachieving and this point of the season. Whatever the answer is, there are a lot of teams who are looking to make moves as the season rolls on. Teams like the New York Knicks who have just recently won 9 of 10 games understand their need for a backup point guard to help out for Raymond Felton. The Cavaliers and Raptors as discussed on an earlier post both have a large trade exception to spend this season and you can rest assure that each teams respective General Managers are working diligently to investigate possible moves that will help inch their teams back into playoff contention.

Elite teams like the Celtics, Lakers and Spurs are all rolling and roster moves made in the off-season look like they will pay great dividends come playoff time. While other off-season moves have yet to gel quite like they were expected to. Just ask the Miami Heat (chemistry), Chicago Bulls (injuries), Houston Rockets (injuries) and Milwaukee Bucks (injury/underachieving).

It is still extremely early, but it’s important to take note at the spectrum of players that have expiring contracts after this season and the potential impact they would bring to a potential suitor. Great examples of these are:

- Michael Redd
- Andrei Kirilenko
- Zach Randolph
- Kevin Martin
- Yao Ming
- Jason Richardson
- Jamal Crawford
- T.J Ford

This list of players is varied in skill and position but each holds very valuable bargaining chips. Both financial flexibility and added firepower to a lineup. Depending on the need of a team, as it may be a team looking to rebuild or a team looking to make a run.

Whichever path NBA teams take over the next little while, one thing is clear. A General Manager isn’t doing their job and the NBA isn’t the NBA if there aren’t rumors flying around on a daily basis!

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