NBA Fantasy Up’s & Down’s

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As we progress through the NBA season, it’s never easy monitoring player rankings. Whose stock is rising, and whose stock is falling is the topic of the day. All teams have past the 25 game mark and player stats are much easier to get a handle on.

Reviewing the player rankings, it’s clear that the expected top ranking players are at the top (Pau Gasol, Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams) and others who were sure locks to be top 10 players aren’t quite there yet (Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Danny Granger).  It’s still very early in the season, yet trends have been set and its quite easy to see who will stay on top and who is going to fall off of their pace.

Surprise players that are top risers at this point include:

- Raymond Felton – Been playing out of his mind
- Manu Ginobli – Finally healthy and scoring at will
- Kevin Love – Averaging over 15 rebounds per game
- Kevin Garnett – Knees are healthy and playing like a rookie
- Rudy Gay – Has become the leader the Grizz always wanted
- Wilson Chandler – Stat stuffer for the rising Knicks
- Serge Ibaka – Still anchoring the Thunder’s defense

Another trend to keep an eye on is the injury bug that has hit the NBA. Player injuries have made managing your Fantasy team’s roster virtually impossible. Lengthy periods without some major NBA superstars have all but crippled many teams chances of either keeping up with the stats or winning each week depending on your league’s format. Following is a short list on the major injuries that are to keep a close eye on:

- Joe Johnson – Out with elbow surgery (Out until January)
- David Lee- Just returned from elbow surgery (Tooth fragment lodged)
- Joakim Noah – Surgery on thumb (Out 8-10 weeks)
- Yao Ming – New foot stress fracture (Season in doubt)
- Stephen Curry – Numerous high ankle sprains (Out for 2 weeks)
- Rajon Rondo – Ankle injury (Out 2-3 weeks)
- Gerald Wallace – Ankle injury (Out 1 week)

These injuries can destroy any chance you thought you had at winning your league. This is especially true if it gets compounded with multiple injuries at the same time.

What’s a given is the roller coaster ride we are currently riding. The season has its ups, and has its downs. It’s just a question of whether you vomit and scream to get off, or throw your hands high in the air and enjoy the ride!


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