NBA Injury Bug

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Off-season hopes were high for almost all 30 NBA teams heading into this season. Off-season acquisitions were made to help teams rebuild their rosters, strengthen their lineup or add a piece or two that would put them over the edge.

This past off-season in particular will go down as one of the biggest free agent frenzies in NBA history. Major marquee names switched teams as the NBA landscape changed forever.

Players such as Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudemire, David Lee, Al Jefferson, Michael Beasley, Shaquille O’Neal and Tyson Chandler just to name a few all changed their Zip Codes and now play for new teams. Through 25 games of the season a good majority of these off-season moves have paid dividends for their new clubs as we see a lot of teams making moves and climbing up the standings or in some cases building on their leads. The Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls are all strong examples of teams that are benefiting from their roster changes.

Others however are still waiting for the return on investment that they put made to bolster their lineups. The biggest issue so far this season that has hindered the performance of many NBA teams has been the injury bug. Injuries to some of these off-season acquisitions have prevented teams from molding into the Franchise power house they felt they would become. Following is a short list of some of these injuries we are referring to:

Carlos Boozer: Chicago Bulls (Just returned)
Mike Miller: Miami Heat (Out until January)
Shaquille O’Neal: Boston Celtics (Battling calf injury all year)
Drew Gooden: Milwaukee Bucks (Plantar Fasciitis, Out until Mid-December)
Kelenna Azubuike: New York Knicks (Knee Injury, Out until January)

Injuries are just another part of the NBA season that teams are very much accustomed to. It’s an unfortunate part of the game where we realize that all players are human and the injury bug happens from time to time. It’s a shame when it happens to a team’s off-season pickup and a team has no time to gel or work them into their game plan. As players return from the injured list, teams will no doubt have an adjustment period. We are witnessing this right now with the Chicago Bulls. Carlos Boozer broke a bone in his hand right before training camp had begun and was unable to practice with his team until recently. He has been back for a few games and so far his play has been up and down. He is learning a new system and also learning the nuances of his new team mates. This is part of the adjustment period that teams hope would have happened during the off-season rather than after the season begins.

While teams wait for players to return from injury, others have flourished as they take advantage of other teams’ misfortunes. It is still early in the season having only reached the 1/4 mark and it is a safe bet to assume the NBA standings will change drastically between now and the end of the regular season. One thing however is for certain. The season is long and strenuous, and injuries will come and injuries will go. It’s the teams with heart and the will to win that will push through the injury bug and end up on top come June of 2011!

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