NBA Trade Deadline: Thoughts as we approach February, 2011

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Although it’s December, we felt now would be a good time to take an early look at the February 24, 2011 NBA Trade Deadline. With trade rumors starting to fly and hit the media, let’s take a quick overview at some of the teams that we will hear a lot from in the coming months and some players who will be heavily discussed leading up to 3pm on Feb 24th.


New Jersey Nets:
The Nets finished 12-70 last season, and it doesn’t look like its going to end that much better this year. The team made a few off-season acquisitions (Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw and Troy Murphy) and drafted Derrick Favors, yet the team has shown little improvement from last year.

Toronto Raptors:
After Chris Bosh left them to freeze north of the border, The Raptors have found themselves as a young team that is finding an identity as a fast run-n-gun type team. Some gems in the rough have been found in Reggie Evans and recently traded Jerryd Bayless. They have provided some hope and optimism for Canada’s team. Armed with a large trade exception from the Bosh deal with Miami, look for the Raptors to be heavily involved with any big contract type player come deadline time.

Cleveland Cavaliers:
After LBJ departed for the Heat, he left behind the remainder of a team that won 61 games last season. A good early start is in the past as the Cavs have come down to earth and are playing as expected. Young players like Daniel Gibson and JJ Hickson have underachieved thus far and Cleveland will be very active come deadline time as they too have a large trade exception to use.

Denver Nuggets:
Although the Nuggets are playing well, the team is at the crossroads as their star player Carmelo Anthony refuses to sign an extension with the team unless he is traded away to a team of his choice. Aged PG Chauncey Billups has slowed down and Ty Lawson is waiting in the background to take his place as starting pg.

Golden State Warriors:
Having traded with New York for David Lee, the Warriors have a strong nucleus to build around (Lee, Ellis, Curry) yet have too many wing type players. Look for the Warriors to be active leading up to the deadline as they try to build on their defensively challenged roster.


Carmelo Anthony:
Anthony is in the final year of his 3 year contract and thus far has remained reasonably silent on what direction he is leaning. Rumors have it that he is looking to sign an extension only if he is traded to a contender of his choice. Until a decision is made, he is essentially holding the Denver Nuggets hostage

Troy Murphy:
Traded to the Nets, Murphy was supposed to be the answer the Nets were looking for. Playing along side Brook Lopez on the outside, Murphy’s outside game was brought in to extend opposing defenses and open up the middle for Lopez. The complete opposite has happened this season as rookie Derrick Favors and Kris Humphries are taking up all the time at the 4 spot. Its gotten so bad for Murphy that his typical stat line each night reads: DNP

Antawn Jamison:
Brought in last year at the deadline to compliment Lebron James, Antawn is yet again on a team with a losing record. On the downturn of his career, Jamison reportedly has asked to be moved once again as the original intent of his arrival to Cleveland was to win a championship playing along side Lebron. But as JJ Hickson has been removed from the starting lineup, and Jamison inserted it appears as though it may be Hickson and not Jamison that is moved.

Peja Stojakovic:
Traded to the Raptors along with Jerryd Bayless, Peja is on the downswing of his career. In the few games he played in, he showed glimpses of his offensive talent. Injured once again, Peja has a substantial contract that will come off the books after this season and can be used as a great bargaining chip come deadline time.

Tayshaun Prince:
Detroit is paying Prince over $11 million dollars this year in the final year of his contract. Detroit is looking to go with a youth movement and would love nothing more than to clear some cap space and trade away this expiring contract. Prince still has some game left in him and can be a very serviceable 6th man on a contending team looking for a quick spark plug to help push them over the edge.

Vince Carter:
Historically, Vince has turned up the jets whenever he is in a contract year. This year, however it looks like Vince’s career is closer to coming to an end than it was last season. Vince looks like he has lost a step or two, but similar to Prince can be a very serviceable player on a contending team. He appears to be a bit out if place with the Magic and has J.J Reddick breathing down his neck off the bench. Look for Vince’s contract to get dangled on the market to beef up the Magic’s roster heading into the playoffs.

There are many other players that will be available and have expiring contracts. This trading deadline will be an interesting one especially with the Carmelo sweepstakes in full swing. Where will he end up? What will the Raptors and Cavaliers do with their trade exceptions? These are just a sample of the questions that will unfold as February 2011 approaches!

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