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This past off-season, the NBA decided they were fed-up with “overt” gestures such as players swinging their fists in the air. They were tired of players acting in selfish and childish behaviors and wanted them to represent the game in a more respectful manner.

As such, Stu Jackson and the NBA decided to institute the second crackdown on player behaviors in the past 4 seasons. A similar crackdown was undertaken back in the 2006-2007 season, but clearly that didn’t turn out so well. The supposed actionable items that referees will be the look-out for this season are:

• Waving off an official as a sign of disrespect
• Running up to an official from across the court
• Waving arms in disbelief, or jumping up and down in disbelief
• Clapping sarcastically at an official

For the average fan, technical fouls may look harmless as they result in an uncontested free throw attempt, but there’s much more to a “T” than most are aware. For the first 5 Technical’s a player receives, they are fined $1,000. For each 5 after, the fine increases by $500 which is maxed out at $2,500 once a player reaches 16. Once a player reaches this amount of Technical’s a 1-game suspension is set to that player.

We’ve seen it before. A Ron Artest or Rasheed Wallace type player disagrees with a referee’s decision on a call or don’t get the call that they felt they deserve and they aggressively run up into the grille of the referee that made the call and an argument ensues. The player gets a dramatic “T” from the Ref. The player continues bickering and receives another. An automatic ejection from the game is issued and their team is now down a man.

This season alone we have barred witness to too many weak calls from officials resulting in excessive Technical’s being handed out and players getting ejected from the game. Just a quick sneak peak at the league leaders in Technical’s and you will note that there are far too many fouls being handed out at this point of the season:

1) Carmelo Anthony – 9
2) Dwight Howard – 8
3) Stephen Jackson – 7
4) Richard Hamilton – 6
5) Joakim Noah – 5

On Saturday November 27 of this year, Stephen Jackson received his 5th and 6th Technical Fouls of the season respectfully back-to-back. The NBA felt he remained on the court far too long and he was suspended for 1-game. Not only did his team have to play without him, not only did he lose the equivalent of $103,000 in pay but he also had to pay back the automatic fines set to each player who receives a “T”. This is a perfect example of a player having to pay the repercussions for arguing with the referee.

As fans, we appreciate the NBA trying to make the game a bit quicker and to stop the bantering back and forth with its Referees. The one thing that is makes the NBA’s new crackdown as crazy as it appears is that fans pay hard earned dollars to watch their favorite team play, and in some cases their favorite player won’t suit up due to a suspension.

Technically speaking…That’s foul!

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