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TheBowse.com is excited to introduce the newest member to our writing family, Mama Doe“Mama Doe” is the Mother of an NBA star, both of whom will remain anonymous for the time being.

Make sure to follow www.TheBowse.com and check Mama Doe’s blog entries on a regular basis as she let’s our readers get an inside look and perspective into her world.

We had a chance to ask Mama Doe a few questions as she opens up to our readers and introduces herself:

: Were you always a fan of the NBA? What is it about Basketball that you love?

Mama Doe: Actually, I wasn’t always a fan of the NBA. I really liked NFL growing up and cheered for my local team. My interest started for basketball when I met a guy who played years later. I love the length of the season. I also love the fact that there is almost always a game on every night throughout the season. It’s definitely become somewhat of a reality show in some ways, also.

TB:  What do you think about the introduction of the WNBA back in 1997?

Mama Doe: I hate to say this but I really don’t follow the WNBA. I love Candice Parker though but not because of her basketball skills. It’s because she seems like a genuinely kind hearted down to earth person.

TB:  How do you keep yourself fully informed about news and updates during the NBA season?

Mama Doe: Now this may sound obsessive but I not only have the NBA League Pass at home on my TV but it’s on my iPhone, iPad and laptop as well.  I have a fantasy team and they give you updates on not only my players but players around the league. If there is not a game on my TV it’s usually parked on the NBA TV channel.  And of course I have Google alerts for some of my favorite players.

TB:  Do you have memories of a particular game that may stand out in your mind as your favorite? What teams were playing and why does this game stand out in your memory?

Mama Doe: One of my favorite games to watch was when the Celtics beat the Lakers in the 2008 championship game.  I was so happy for the Celtics because it seemed as though it was long over due for those guys.

TB:  When did you know that your son had the talent to make it to the NBA?

Mama Doe: This may sound funny but I didn’t know what all the fuss was over him. I knew he could play pretty good but that still didn’t convince me that he was going into the league even after he declared and signed with an agent.  On draft night it was so nerve racking because there was always the chance that he still wouldn’t get called.  So I guess it all became a reality when he put on his TEAM cap and gave us that million dollar smile.

TB:  How much influence do you have in your son’s career?

Mama Doe: I don’t think I’m much of an influence in his day to day life as far as his career is concerned. I think I’m more of an influence in his life in general.  He has always known that I would do what ever it took to provide for him and his siblings so I believe that he has it instilled in him to provide for his family as well.  We may not be perfect but we will try our hardest to do what’s right.

TB:  What kind of involvement do you have with your son’s team, if any?

Mama Doe: I’m not too involved with his team partly because I don’t live in the town where he plays.  However, when I do visit for home games I like to reach out to the different staff members because they seem like an extended part of my family.

TB:  How does it feel to watch as your son is put under a microscope and faced with  possible praise or criticism on a nightly basis?

Mama Doe: One of the hardest things to do as a mother is to listen to the media ridicule your child for mistakes.  No matter what form of entertainment a person is in I believe they are entitled to some level of privacy and it’s quite sad that the negativity in some peoples lives sells newspapers and raises ratings.
I like to record the games even if I’m at a game because I like to go back home and hear the good and bad of what the commentators have to say. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to but you can’t always take the good without the bad…even though I would love to have a one on one with a few sports announcers whom I will leave unnamed.

TB:  What is your favorite part about being an NBA Mom?

Mama Doe: What I love about being a mom period is seeing my children succeed in what they want to pursue in life. As they are growing up you try to cram as many of life’s lessons in before they go out into the world so that you can prepare them for both the good & the bad. Once they are on their own you worry if you’ve told them enough or if they will even remember what they’ve learned at all.
As for being a NBA Mom I still get a chuckle out of people wanting MY autograph or even pose for photos with me. I think it’s cute and even though I am a very shy person I always oblige.

TB:  Aside from your son, who is your favorite player and why?

Mama Doe: My favorite players in the league outside of my son have always been Shaquille O’neal and Kenyon Martin. Of course I have some new names to add to that list because they are the peers of my son but for now they will remain anonymous.
Shaq, because he’s just so BIG! He was always so dominating in how he played back in the day. Today, he still has that commanding presence but he’s definitely softened up a bit.
K-Mart because as a child, my son was sort of drawn to him as a player.  So naturally I wanted to know who he was as well.  Kenyon has a very tough look from the outside but when you look into who he really is you’ll find a very hard worker and someone who cares about others by giving back to the community.

We look forward to hearing the colorful stories that Mama Doe shares with our readers and gives hints as who Mama Doe and her son are.  Make sure to follow us @TheBowse and get updates on Twitter when Mama Doe posts a new blog!

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  1. BallhFan86, 9 years ago Reply

    “K-Mart because as a child, my son was sort of drawn to him as a player”

    So Mama your son must be young!!!

    Is it D-Rose?

    Why all the hiding?

  2. Richard D, 9 years ago Reply

    So, u say Million dollar smile….hmmm So hes a top pick thats for sure…

  3. Weakside Help, 9 years ago Reply

    Is this a joke ?

    • Bowse, 9 years ago Reply

      This most definitely is not a joke.

  4. Mama ?, 9 years ago Reply

    Nope! It’s not a joke! Let’s have some with this… Clues to follow!

  5. Jeremy N, 9 years ago Reply

    So u wanna strangle announcers…So he’s been scrutinized in the past…Arenas? He’s had a ton of critism recently and has a million dollar smile

    • Mama ?, 9 years ago Reply

      You think so huh? hmmm…sorta cold but a little warm too! lol!!!
      This should be quite interesting if I do say so myself.

  6. Dmarie, 9 years ago Reply

    It’s not Arenas’ mom because they don’t have a relationship. I wonder if it’s Kevin Durant’s mom. Definitely someone young! I bet he play for Oklahoma, they’re whole team is young!

  7. Moebaby, 9 years ago Reply

    I need more clues….more interviews……more I say MORE!!! But so far I’m guessing someone young and on a bad basketball team. Maybe NJ or Washington.

  8. vandee, 9 years ago Reply

    I say John Wall

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