Bosh’s Worth?

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As the impending trade of Denver Nuggets Superstar Carmelo Anthony takes shape, the particulars are becoming clear. The potential magnitude of the deal was previously unknown and without a set date to occur, but the one item that has always been clear is that Carmelo has garnered both attention and high return.

This past summer NBA fans around the world watched as Lebron James chose to leave Cleveland and play for the Heat. Similarly, Dwayne Wade decided to re-sign with The Heat. Meanwhile Chris Bosh chose to desert The Toronto Raptors and join his pals down South. It’s no secret that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are Tier 1 type players – no one had ever questioned their value. Although Lebron made a similar choice, Bosh left his decision to the last minute and chose to walk away from Toronto, leaving The Raptors with nothing more than a trade exception for their troubles. He was The Raptors leading scorer, leading rebounder and their heart and soul. Unfortunately for Bosh, that’s all he was, as the rumours about Carmelo’s trade become clear, we can tell that Bosh had limited value to an NBA franchise. Toronto Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo chose not to make a deal last season and to hold on to Bosh with the hopes that the Raptors would be able to re-sign the franchises leading scorer to an extension. It didn’t work out that way. It doesn’t take a genius observer to understand that if the right offer was made for Bosh, it would have been accepted regardless of Bosh’s wishes. Colangelo like any good angler would’ve hooked the deal. As Bosh remained in Toronto for the rest of the year, a deal of substance clearly was never presented to Colangelo’s attention, let alone anything of even a smaller scale.

As Nugget Team Executives salivate over the market for their Franchise player, it’s easy for the passive observer to see that there was simply no market for Bosh. There was no desire for a man that was an NBA All-Star, his teams leading scorer and a Country’s Sports Hero. Were Bosh’s statistics inflated due to the lack of talent he was surrounded with or was he just not a legitimate All-Star? If his stats from this season are looked at you will see that his Points per game, Rebounds per game and blocks per game are all substantially down. These are vital stats for a Power Forward in the league. Bosh has become not a second fiddle, but a 3rd wheel in the Miami “Heatles” lineup. Bosh has picked up his game of late and has increased his statistical production, but is still far behind the other two Heat stars in both popularity and production.

The Carmelo Anthony deal has been rumored to involve up to 17 players and will re-shape the landscape of the NBA. Though we currently await the result of the collective bargaining agreement that is jeopardizing the 2011/2012 season. Nothing more is needed to be said about Anthony’s value as it requires close to 2 teams rosters in order to make a deal work. All Bosh got was a new contract. As we evaluate the current trade market for Anthony we can contrast it to the lack of one for Bosh. Chris Bosh was an over rated player who led a franchise as far as the first round of the playoffs. In Miami he is seeing the light as a 3rd strong offensive option and who’s rebounding numbers have increased due to the injury of Udonis Haslem.

The Heat look primed for run to the Finals, and it looks like Bosh will have no problem waiting his turn to accept his ring.

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  1. Raps Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    Miami would have been better off with keeping Beasley then signing this Rupal hack!!

  2. Toronto Baller, 9 years ago Reply

    I hate Bosh. Hes garbage now. 3rd wheel in miami. he left cuz he couldnt find league pass and felt like he was in another country? he was in another country, thats the funny part. lol. Shaw called him like he saw it Rupaul…and of course he cuts his dreads off right after that. lol.

  3. Nelson, 9 years ago Reply

    Of course his numbers are going to drop. He follows two of the NBA’s best players. Did u think he was going to outscore Lebron or Wade? I bet if u ask him, he’s perfectly happy the way things are. I don’t know about this year, but he soon is going to be collecting ringS.

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