Heat Domination

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As we approach the mid way mark of the 2010/2011 NBA Season there are just too many story lines being played out on a week to week basis this NBA season…

Can the Lakers 3-peat?
Does Boston have enough juice left in their veteran tank?
Did Tony Parker really cheat on Eva Longoria with his ex teammate’s wife who actually looks like a poor mans Eva Longoria?

These stories and many more will play themselves out in the coming weeks, but for me the story of the season so far has to be The Miami Heat. Damn are the Heat Hot or what?

The Heat sputtered out of the gate making a lot of people (the so-called haters) giddy watching the Miami Thrice or “Heatles” as Lebron put it struggle to live up to the hype. For the first dozen games it seemed like neither Lebron nor Wade knew who was supposed to shoot, cut through the lane or pass. Top this off with the fact that Chris Bosh looked lost as he went from being the alpha dog with the Toronto Raptors to a meager role playing 3rd scoring option with the Heat.

But man oh man! Ever since Lebron had his infamous bump with Coach Spoelstra the Heat have been blazing hot, destroying any team that has stood in their path.

If you plan on catching the Heat play when they roll through your city, and you intend to boo the big 3 relentlessly with your buddies, just forget it! For your team’s sake, just don’t do it. The boo’s are nothing but fuel for King James and company as was the case when Lebron returned to the place he called home for his entire professional career. The fans in Cleveland that night were as close to a wild lynch mob, with a pinch of craziness and a whole lot of passion as it gets. The boo’s quickly turned into groans as Lebron took the game over and posted a dominating 38pts, 5 Rebounds, 8 Assists, 1 Block and 1 Steal en route to a 118-90 shellacking. The hope that somehow this crappy Cleveland team would stand up to big bad Lebron and The Heat and gut out a victory was pretty much snuffed out mid way through the 2nd quarter. Most Cavs fans left dejected and shell shocked asking themselves “How could it be that our collective hearts have been ripped out and served to us on a plate by the same man within a period of a few months who we adored so much?”. The answer is simple, forget about Lebron and move on as a State, as a City and as a basketball organization. The King James era in Cleveland is done and it’s time to move on Cav fans.

Fans of all walks of life were critical of the Heat right after the “Decision” leading up to the start of the season. They said it wouldn’t work. They said they couldn’t co-exist.  They said they were hurting their legacies, and they said that a championship would be tainted if they were to win.

Up until this point of the season, all that “they” said has been put to rest and the HATERS are nowhere to be seen.

Miami is currently in a dead heat for 1st in the East with the Boston Celtics and have won 18 of their past 19 games and are tied with the Lakers for most road wins in the league with 13.

The chances of Miami coming out of the East is looking pretty strong and if Lebron, Wade and Bosh can stay healthy throughout the playoffs, it’s doubtful that any team (or their fans) will have a chance in a 7 game series.

Book it!

If The Heat keep playing at this Pace, we’ll see you in South Beach come June, 2011!!

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  1. JayRod, 9 years ago Reply

    Yes, they are hot right now, but are they a playoff team? Can they handle a series with the Celtics? What about the new look Magic how have won 7 in a row?

    Sure, the heat are playing great, but lets see what happens at the end of the season and more importantly playoffs.

    • Ziggy, 9 years ago Reply

      No doubt Orlando and the Celtics will be in the mix, but right now they have no shot at Miami in a 7 games series…Things can change once playoffs come around and injuries take their toll !!

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