Mid-Season Fantasy Update

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So I got the very last pick in my Fantasy league draft.  I had both the 12th and 13th pick.  I had a decision to make.  Do I go with old faithful and select Steve Nash, or do I take a chance on Rajon Rondo with the expectation that he was ready to step up his game to a new level.  My next problem was that with the 13th pick I was deciding between Pau Gasol and David Lee.  I had to make the right decision.  If I messed up my fantasy team would suffer greatly as I wasn’t picking again for what is close to two rounds.

I ended up choosing Steve Nash and David Lee. Nash has been a stud this year averaging basically a double/double and getting me the 3′s and shooting percentages I knew I would get.  Rondo on the other hand started off like a bat out of hell.  He was averaging over 13 assists per game and scoring at will.  I knew I made a mistake but was willing to sit and wait.  I waited long enough for Rondo to go down with a major injury.  His injury kept him off the court for a long time and even now he is still playing a few notches behind where he was prior to hurting himself.  As it stands now at the mid-point of the season, I made the right choice.  I feel good going into the 2nd half with Nash at the helm.

As for my 13th pick, I selected David Lee.  I picked him based on his incredible past couple seasons in New York and the fact that the Warriors needed his abiliies.  Biedrins is always hurt and doesn’t rebound like he used to, and the open system in Golden State would allow Lee to thrive…or at leats I thought.  Now Im not saying that Lee is doing poorly, but what I am saying is that he is no Pau Gasol.  Pau is once again a top 10 player putting up his usual consistant stats that we all expect out of him.

I guess the reason for this is to debate (half-way through the season) whether or not the right draft choices were made.  Its not like I can turn back the clock and take  Gasol.  The rest of my team hurt greatly because of a few mistakes I made and i find myself trying to fight my way out of the bottom of the standings.  Slowly but surely I am making moves, but it’s not easy.  I’ve tried to play the waiver wire, but there is just so little quality players available.  Take a look at some of the players I’v e picked up and dropped over the season so far:

-  Keyon Dooling
-  Jason Thompson
-  Omri Casspi
-  James Harden
-  Rudy Fernandez
-  Linas Kleiza
-  Dejaun Blair
-  Sasha Vujacic
-  Al Thornton
-  Jerryd Bayless
-  George Hill
-  Nate Robinson

Just to name a few!

As you can see, I’ve had quite the infirmary this season and have relied heavily on the waiver wire.  It hasn’t worked quite yet, and to be honest I doubt it will.  Although we have only reached the  half mark of the season, I know I’m still alive and I know I have a chance.

It’s been a tough road so far this season.  There’s been some minor injuries, and some very substantial injuries.  These more sever ones will take its toll on your team and force you to take another direction.  Following is a quick summary of some of the major injuries that have knocked players out either for the entire season, or a major portion of it:

- Yao Ming (out for season)
- Caron Butler (out for season)
- Chris Kaman (out for whole season so far)
- Brandon Roy (injured for most of season, out indefinitely)
- Carlos Boozer (missed a couple months, but recently returned)
- Joakim Noah (will be out a couple months total)
- Brandon Jennings (out close to 2 months)
- Tyrus Thomas (out for season)
- Reggie Evans ( out 4 months)
- Chris Anderson (out almost entire season)
- Kenyon Martin (out for first 3 months of season)
- Rodrigue Beaubois (out for 5 months)

As you can see the infirmary is long.  Your teams have and will continue to be decimated by injuries if you own any of the above listed players and haven’t made a counter-move.  As such, the message of this entry is that there is still time to make good on your draft and either trade away a stud for some depth or monitor the waiver wire for the next J.J Hickson or Landry Fields.


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