NBA Resurrection: T-Mac

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Tracy McGrady, AKA T-Mac has been in the NBA since 1997 when he was drafted 9th overall by the Toronto Raptors. McGrady was a gamble. Though he skillfully played his way through the High School ranks, not all high school players drafted to the NBA worked out as expected.

The Raptors were home to his cousin Vince Carter, and many thought that this existing relationship would help ignite a career like no other. The thought of these two cousins playing side by side made the Raptors Brass salivate as they envisioned these two athletic wing men cut to the rim play after play. Unfortunately, McGrady found himself playing in the shadow known as “Air Canada”. Vince Carter was an All-Star and one of the most electrifying players in the NBA. McGrady found it difficult to find his place on the Raptors. T-Mac was delegated as the team’s defensive stopper used in specific scenarios and used to cover opposing team’s best players due to his strength and quickness.

McGrady’s career grew with the Raptors as he established himself in his first 3 seasons in the NBA. In his 3rd and ultimately final season with the Raptors, T-Mac averaged 15.4 ppg and 6.3 rpg. These stats and the growth he had shown over his first few years in the league made him an extremely hot commodity. It looked more and more like McGrady was no longer comfortable playing behind Vince Carter and wanted to be a star on his own team. In that off-season, McGrady signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Orlando Magic. T-Mac made wasted no time fitting in and ultimately became the NBA’s Most Improved Player by averaging 26.9 ppg in his first season in Florida. By the time T-Mac was finished with Orlando, he had won 2 NBA scoring titles and had marched the Magic into the playoffs on several occasions. Unfortunately, T-Mac and the Magic never made it deep in the playoffs or out of the second round. In McGrady’s final season, the Magic and McGrady relationship came to an abrupt end as team chemistry was no longer there. Tracy was eventually traded to the Houston Rockets in a shocking 7-player deal with Houston.

The combination of T-Mac and Rockets Center Yao Ming made Rocket believers dream of the Championship returning hone to Texas. In their first season together Yao and Tracy played well together and made the playoffs together. Unfortunately, they were eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks and the trade that brought in one of the leagues highest scoring players to compliment one of the leagues most dominant Center’s appeared to be unsuccessful. The playoff disappointment was nothing compared to the rest of T-Mac’s tenure in Houston. For the rest of his time in Houston, T-Mac was oft injured and found himself on the injured list more than not. Back ailments and an eventual major knee injury kept him out of the lineup and ultimately ended his career as a Houston Rocket.

T-Mac was shipped off to the Knicks in early 2010 in a last ditch effort to resurrect his career. A fresh start was thought to have possibly re-ignited a career that appeared to be on its way out. Once again, T-Mac was unable to make an impact and his time as a Knick ended fast and furious.

This past off-season, Tracy signed a veteran’s minimum $1.3 million contract with the Detroit Pistons. McGrady was not a hot commodity anymore. he was no longer wanted by all teams in the league. He had gone through surgery after surgery and has spent more time rehabilitating his ailments than he has playing on the court. The Pistons were a team in turmoil and disarray. They had lost their image as the team that made it to 4 straight NBA Finals. They had pieces left from those teams, but they were no longer the powerhouse team that was feared through the league. The signing of McGrady signified that the Pistons were desperate and were willing to take any chance to rejuvenate their roster and interest in the Detroit area.

The experiment in Detroit started off slow. His playing time fluctuated and he was unable to find his place in the rotation. He had to let his game do the talking for him in order to find more time on the court. T-Mac has done just that as of late. He has started in some games recently and has averaged close to 12 points per game, including his recent outburst of 21 points and 8 assists. McGrady appears healthy and appears that he has found a new home.

He may no longer be the offensive threat he once was. He may not stir fear in the eyes of his opposition, but he lacks in youthful intensity, he appears to be making up with his newly found veteran savvy.

T-Mac has been in the league for 15 seasons for a reason. His skills may have diminished and he may be at the end of the road for his career. What is certain is that McGrady won’t go down without a fight and looks like he’s giving it one more kick at the can and wants to join the elite group of “Ageless” players still going strong and contributing.

The Resurrection of T-Mac looks to be official. Let’s hope he still has a few more seasons left as he was always one of the most exciting players to watch when he was in his prime!

Vintage McGrady!

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  1. kent, 9 years ago Reply

    Ive been keeping up with t-mac progress ever since he had microfracture surgery. Ididnt think he going to get his swag back for a minute. But he been having a couple of good games lately. I saw highlights of thegame against the raptors. He had a bounce in his step and dropped 22 points. He is one of my favorite players of alltime along with iverson, melo,Dwade and Drose. Go tmac. I was mad when chicago didn’t sign him in free agency

    • Zig, 9 years ago Reply

      Tmac always elevates his game when he plays the Raps…It will be interesting to see if he can keep up his strong play with some confidence and minutes. I don’t think Chicago would have been a good fit for him…their roster is too deep, he would average under 10mpg on the Bulls

  2. Rockets Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    Tmac is a waste of a roster spot !! He put Houston back years with his selfish play and bloated contract !!! Enjoy Detroit !!

  3. Jerryd, 9 years ago Reply

    Ive loved Tmac ever since his high skool days. He was a dirty player and hopefully he has some gas left in his tank

  4. Erin Buerns, 9 years ago Reply

    T-Mac was the best Magic player ever except for Shaq!!!

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