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I’m not a writer, but I play one in real life! You’re probably wondering who I am or what could I possibly have to say that would peak your interest. Well, who I am will be revealed I’m sure sooner rather that later and as for what I have to talk about could interest different people for different reasons. One of the hardest things for me to do is to randomly write without a topic, so we can make this an interactive blog from week to week. There have been plenty of things going on around the league both on and off the court so there is going to be much to talk about over the coming weeks.

As a fan of the any sport I find it refreshing to get a females perspective in different areas so I hope that my opinions on various matters gives you some in sight as to what it’s like to be both a female and mom fan.

I think the most interesting thing in the NBA this week is the announcement of the 60th NBA All Star Starters. While I’m happy for the players who were picked I just don’t see the rationality of leaving Yao Ming on the ballot knowing that he had absolutely no chance at all in playing in the actual game. He has a Dr.’s note excusing him from showing up…. It just messes things up for the other players who were running against him. So to this time I think the fans that voted him in were WRONG, all 1.14 million of them!

Well, since this is just a semi-introduction of me I’m going to end this for now. Leave your replies, questions and/or topic suggestions and I promise to get back with as many as possible in a timely fashion.

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  1. RIci, 9 years ago Reply

    Yao should NOT be an allstar….I can think of half a dozen players who are more deserving

  2. Dmarie, 9 years ago Reply

    I said the same thing about Yao Ming!!! His name on the ballot was unnecessary and winning was a slap in the face for the healthy centers.

  3. LBJ#1Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    I like ur thoughts on the AllStar game…but gives us some more. Not Fair…IM going to guess a lot…hmmmmmm Maybe its a young player who needs some exposure…It’s that Critteron players MOm. He got suspended with Arenas, and I swear u said close…

  4. Mama ?, 9 years ago Reply

    LBJ#1Fan, What I actually said was, “sorta warm but cold”… But if Critteron is you final answer, I’m gonna have to say you are 100% WRONG…NEXT!

  5. FLCeltsFan, 9 years ago Reply

    I love this feature. As a mom and sports fan myself, I think your blog is great! I don’t have a son in the NBA but do have 4 sons and a daughter that I am very proud of. I’ve also been a Celtics fan since 1969. I’m looking forward to reading your insights into the NBA from a mom’s perspective.

  6. Brandon_Bucks, 9 years ago Reply

    They announced the AllStar reserves. What ar eyour thoughts? Who are you already? Need some more hints…

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