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It was one of the worst sport injuries I had ever seen.  It was tough to watch when it happened live, and as the replays seemed like they were on repeat all night it became increasingly harder to look at the TV.  Jorge Garbajosa destroyed his leg and Shaun Livingston’s leg bent in a way I never knew was possible.  But nothing was as shocking as the sight of Milwaukee Buck Star Center Andrew Bogut’s injuries he suffered when Amare Stoudemire pushed Bogut from behind on an un-contested breakaway dunk.  The landing was a thunderous thud and the way his wrist, elbow and shoulder landed looked like nothing I had ever seen.

Since his injuries Bogut spent just under a full year rehabbing his body to get himself back into game shape.  It was a difficult rehab for Bogut as he is a tough player and wanted to get out and help his teammates, especially as they made their run into the playoffs last season. 

Bogut starred in University as Center for the Utah Utes.  He won numerous awards and was a unanimous selection as an AP All-American in his sophomore season in College.  Bogut has been the anchor to the Bucks since he was drafted in 2005 first overall.    Although he came 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting, he showed flashes of what was to come for his career.  Bogut has become almost a virtual lock for a double double each night and is a force down low swatting shots away like flies up at the cottage.  His toughness may have something to do with him playing Aussie Rules Football while growing up in Australia.  His basketball IQ is high, and his ability to grab rebounds is as if he was born with a basketball in his hands.  His play may not be the prettiest, but he has become an extremely productive player that puts in 110% each night he is on the floor. 

Bogut called himself “The Greatest Australian Basketball player” just prior to the NBA draft, but later rescinded his comments.  To me, this showed an uncanny confidence and swagger that helped elevate him to the First overall pick, and still to this day can be seen on the court. 

Bogut is tough as nails, and is a defensive specialist who rebounds with the best in the league.  He is a shot blocking machine, leading the league in blocks per game this season with 2.7 per contest.  It’s incredible to think that less than 1 year ago he endured the accident that almost ended his career.

Watching Bogut play these days is as a fan is difficult to do.  It’s evidentally clear that he is in a lot of discomfort and pain when he shoots jump shots and free throws.  His shooting motion has changed since his fall and it’s clear that he is battling some tough pain.  The fact that he is averaging over a double double per game is evidence enough of his toughness.

As the Bucks continue to push to try and make their way back into the Playoffs and as they await the return of their starting Point Guard Brandon Jennings, it’s Bogut himself who appears to be the key to the Buck’s success. 

With his pain comes difficult times for the Bucks, because as Bogut goes, so do the Bucks.

Watching Bogut this season makes me wonder just how good the Bucks would be if their leader and Captain were at 100% health.

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