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As the NBA has reached the mid-way point of the season, it’s time to sit back and take note of what’s transpired so far.

Its been a fun first half. Amazing games between the Heat and Celtics, Lakers and Heat and the recent game between both L.A. Clubs have highlighted some amazing match ups so far as League Pass has been going  nuts.

Bowses’s Thoughts on the First Half:

- Kevin Durrant and Russel Westbrook are electrifying

- Kobe and Pau need some help

- The Heat look good, but not great

- The Clippers have found the winning recipe with B-Grif

- Boston doesn’t look as old as they actually are

- The collective bargaining agreement situation is a dark cloud hovering

- Chris Bosh is not missed in Toronto

- LebronJames is missed in Cleveland

- Blake Griffin has 0 competition in the Dunk Competition

- Kevin Love is a beast

- Marcus Camby can still block shots with the best of them

- Roy Hibbert needs a better shrink

- Dallas needs Dirk

- Andrea Bargnani aint as bad as first thought

- Nick Young can score

- Atlanta spent too much money on Joe Johnson

- Yao Ming should hang up his laces

- Amare made the right choice

- Is Raymond Felton for real?

- Hedu is not the Turkish MJ

- Sacramento needs to clean house

- Golden State’s, Golden State

- Elton Brand has resurrected his career this season

- John Wall is all hype

- The Bulls might surprise a few teams come playoff time

- This years rookie class was pretty weak

- Jose Calderon is the Jose of old

- CP3 is incredible

- Without Boozer and Noah, The Bulls are going nowhere

- Al Jefferson is doing a great job replacing Boozer with the Jazz

- Deron Williams is still one of the most underrated players in the league

- Detroit looks old

- Carmelo will be traded

- Golden State can score

- The Slam-Dunk competition will be electrifying with Blake Griffin participating

Hopefully the 2nd half of the season will be as unpredictable as the 1st half!

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  1. Jake Carney, 9 years ago Reply

    Good thoughts! I dont agree with them all, but i love your take on the first half!

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