20 Second Half Questions

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The trade deadline has come and gone with several big name, and lesser named players changing teams. The all-star break has passed. So now it’s time to look forward the second half of the season. Playoff seeds will be decided. Cases will be made for post season awards. New stars will be made. Here are a few questions that will be answered by the time April 13th gets here, the last day of the regular season.

1. Who were the winners & losers from this year’s trades?

2. Will Jermaine O’Neal and Shaq be able to play the minutes (and produce in them) to ease the pain of losing Kendrick Perkins and Semih Erden?

3. Did the Knicks give up too much to get Melo?

4. Will Brook Lopez finish the season averaging less rebounds than Kwame Brown?

5. Will Derrick Rose cap off his career season with the MVP?

6. Is Frank Vogel a legit NBA head coach?

7. Will Michael Redd ever return to the Michael Redd of old?

8. Will we finally know what was going between Richard Hamilton, Joe Dumars, and John Kuester?

9. Can the return of Udonis Haslem solve the Heat’s interior defensive problems?

10. Will Orlando admit bringing in Gilbert Arenas was a big a mistake as the one made by Washington when they gave him $111M

11. Do the Bobcats regret not coming to a contract agreement with Gerald Wallace?

12. Can the Spurs win 70 games?

13. How long till we start hearing about where Chris Paul will end up next year at this time?

14. Can Kevin Durant will his second straight scoring title?

15. Will the Nuggets realize they’re better without Melo?

16. Does Kevin Love’s double double streak end this season?

17. Have the Lakers really bored with the regular season and just in “cruise control” mode till the playoffs get here?

18. Will people learn to stop trying to block Blake Griffin’s dunks and just get out of the way?

19. Are the Jazz, probably the most stable franchise in the league last decade or more, finally in rebuilding mode?

20. Will Dan Gilbert finally realize he was wrong in saying the Cavs win a championship before LeBron?

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