All Star Game 2011 Review

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This All-Star game of 2011 was one of the best in recent years…from the Dunk contest to the Rookie Challenge game, all the events were really dazzling this year!

First of all, my first impressions were that the Dunk contest grading was a little bias in favor of Blake Griffin (maybe because he had already “emphatically” demonstrated during the season that he belong in the contest) but, still, Ibaka and DeRozan were graded pretty harshly for their impressive and creative dunks.

The same goes for McGee, he dunked two balls (of a alley hoop self-pass) and after that dunked three balls of another alley hoop pass…but still got an average grade? What did he have to do to get a good score?

I guess there had to be a winner and it would be controversial to deny Blake his crown, but is the dunk contest more about the incredible dunks achieved during the regular season or the dunks made during the actual contest?

From the contest only perspective, Blake missed his most incredible dunks (that crazy 360 windmill…did anybody catch that?) and he ended up doing a regular 360 for his first dunk, that dunk didn’t deserve a 40 in my book.

Also, on the alley hoop pass from Baron Davis from the corner he missed his first three attempts when he was trying something incredible but ended up settling for something really average (for someone of his caliber in terms of dunks!).

So all I am saying is that the free throw take-off from Ibaka deserved a 49 if not a 50 since even the original Dr. J took off from behind the line (feel free to look it up), while Ibaka clearly took off before the free throw line.

McGee got completely robbed on the two balls and three balls dunks, and same scenario for DeRozan‘s efforts.

I mean I love Blake and he is a great dunker, but I was expecting much more creativity in his dunks…for a dunker of his caliber he should have been much more creative in his first contest. I will concede that the dunk over the car was very original so it’s not that he didn’t deserve to win but I think that the other competitors came up with more creative dunks.

Now as far as the All-Star Game…is it me or Kobe was gunning really hard for that MVP title? I love the game and I respect the game and for that reason I won’t let my personal opinion of Kobe Bryant ruin everything he’s contributed to Basket-Ball…but he has to be the least liked skilled player ever! For someone so talented, I can’t comprehend that he pretty much turned this All-Star game into his own personal playground taking almost 30 shots!

I can’t lie, Kobe did really put on a good show though…so at the end of the day, it did make the game more entertaining. But what about the other All-Stars who didn’t get the ball as a result of his “ball-hogging” game?

The West did win, and other Stars did get the chance to shine despite Kobe’s exhibition…Durant showed up, so did Lebron James and Ray Allen scared the West with his corner fade-away three point shot at the last minute.

So, all in all, it was a very entertaining All-Star game…it is very encouraging to witness the emergence of young, talented and mature new NBA All-Stars like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Joe Johnson, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose.  It makes us all look forward to the future of the game, as the game will be in good hands in the future.

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