Carmelo-Drama Needs to End

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As the Trade Deadline is only 3 days away, the NBA and its fans are being held hostage by the Carmelo Anthony drama that is slowly unfolding in front of our eyes. 

On a daily basis, there seems to be a new update or rumor that adds to the allure that is the Melo sweepstakes.  The Knicks are the destination of choice by Carmelo Anthony, yet the New Jersey Nets and their more than generous apparent offers just won’t seem to go away.

As we learned last summer with Lebron James and Chris Bosh, it is very possible for players to leave their parent clubs and end up in a new city with a higher salary while their original squad is left with nothing to show for except for memories and a trade exception.  Denver Nuggets General Manager, Masai Ujiri is the former Assistant General Manager of the Toronto Raptors and witnessed first hand what happens to a team that puts it’s player first.  Chris Bosh told the Raptors organization the entire season that he was undecided and hadn’t made up his mind about what his intentions were.  In the end, he left as many expected and left the Raptors with nothing.  The situation in Denver however, is different.  Ujiri knows that Carmelo isn’t to excited with the notion of signing an extension with The Nuggets and he knows that if he plays his cards right he can get a great return for Anthony.  A return that will set the Nuggets up for a quick recovery from the loss of their Superstar.

All the rumors flying around are similar in depth and one constant never seems to go away.  The Knicks “have no choice” and need to make this deal happen.  No matter what it takes, Knicks Owner James Dolan has made it clear he wants Anthony and stop at nothing to get him.  This includes decimating his roster and trading integral pieces of his core group of players (Gallinari, Fields, Chandler).  Knicks General Manager Donnie Walsh has been hesitant to trade away certain players as his stance is along the lines of why ruin a good thing as he is very confident with the roster he has.  Recent rumblings have been about Dolan over riding Walsh and making a strong stance on the “whatever it takes” motto.

The Nets on the other hand are clearly in a rebuilding stage.  They have an extremly young group of players and are coming off of a season where they went 12-70.  They have the assets the Nuggets want (draft picks, young players) but Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov has set his stance against dealing with the Nuggets and working a trade for Anthony.

Fans, teammates, the league and The Nuggets are seemingly held hostage by Carmelo Anthony and the saga that is his future.  Anthony knows he holds all the power.  In order for any trade to work, Carmelo will first have to agree on a  contract extension.  Because of this, the Nets look to be the odd team out as Carmelo clearly prefers to play with Amare Stoudemire in NYC.  The Knicks on the other hand are in a tight place as any deal they are involved in will clean house and leave them vulnerable.

As for The Nuggets, they have no choice but to play the waiting game.  They know what they want in return for Anthony and they have made that clear from the onset.  The clock is ticking and February 24 is approaching, and fast.

Whatever the result, and whatever team Carmelo ends up playing for, its clear that all of the NBA world wants this drama to come to an end so we can move on with the rest of this amazing season.

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