Chris Bosh’s Return to Toronto

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We witnessed Lebron James’ return to Cleveland. 

The Heat played the Cavs back at the beginning of December of last year.  Lebron put an exclamation point on his return with 38 points, 8 assist and 5 rebounds, including 24 straight points in the 3rd quarter.  James left Cleveland with a highly publicized television interview where he announced he would be going to play for the Heat in Miami.  His ego got the better of him in this game as he spent a good majority of the 2nd half taunting the Cavaliers bench and making jokes with his former team mates.  Classless, just classless.

Fast-forward to tomorrow evening when the Miami Heat make the trip north of the Border and play the Toronto Raptors.  This is Chris Bosh’s return to the franchise that gave him a shot at stardom.  A team that made him the poster boy for basketball not only in Toronto, but in Canada.  Bosh was the heart and soul of the Raptors and when all was said and done, Bosh left the city and disrespected the fans that adored him oh so much.

Bosh told ESPN in an interview “I wanted to choose the best situation for me and my family and Miami was the best decision for me”. The best situation?  What he chose to do was move to a city where he would no longer be in the limelight and the center of attention.  He went from being the number 1 scoring option, to the 3rd wheel behind Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. 

Bosh never led Toronto deep in the playoffs.  1st round exits were what Raptor fans became accustomed to with the Bosh led Raptors.  Chris Bosh never showed the heart and passion it takes to be a true leader and to make his teammates better.  Bosh was criticized by the media, fans and even Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo who made reference to Bosh quitting on the team and not giving 100% effort in trying to return from a knee injury he had suffered.

Bosh added insult to injury when he began tweeting about which move he was going to make, and again after his decision was made about how he felt like he was in a different country and was unable to find NBA League Pass on TV.

Bosh showed his maturity level was still not that of an adult, and he is no longer Toronto’s problem. 

Although the Raptors are without a true leader, and don’t have a true superstar on their roster, the team is stock piled with quality young and athletic players who will work cohesively to achieve their goal of becoming a winning team.

When the PA Announcer calls out the 6’10 Power Forward from Georgia Tech tomorrow evening, what ovation will he receive?  Cheers?  Boos? 
Whatever the fans choose to do, rest assured he will receive a similar if not worse reception than all other former stars who deserted the Raptors (Damon Stoudemire, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter).

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