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As the season hits the gritty portion when injuries are taking taking their tolls on teams, and we enter the All-Star break it’s as good as time as ever to take a look at some of the guys who have filled in for the injured and discuss how they’ve done.

Kurt Thomas – Averaging well over  6rpg and 1bpg, Thomas has done an admiral job filling in for the injured Joakim Noah.  Noah was a beast on the boards and was extremely active on the defensive end. Although Thomas is limited due to his age and athleticism, he has done a good job manning the middle of the Bulls D as they wait for Noah to return, which should be right after the break against the Raptors.

Sam Young – The Grizzlies swing man filled in for O.J Mayo when he was moved to he bench and then again with his 10 game suspension and has done a great job on the wing averaging in double figure points nightly.  Although Mayo has returned, Young will be counted on even more as Rudy Gay is out for minimum 4 weeks with a shoulder injury. On a Grizz side note, look for Tony Allen to take over Gay’s place in the Starting 5 during his absence.

J.J Hickson – Originally a starter to open the season, Hickson lost his starting job to seasoned vet Antawn Jamison. When Cavalier energy man and rebounding machine Anderson Varejao went down with season ending surgery, it was only natural inserting J.J back in the starting 5 and he has been a beast averaging 15ppg , 11rpg and 1bpg. Look for Hickson to continue his hot play for the remainder of the season.

DeAndre Jordan – Injury plagued for the last few seasons, Chris Kaman’s health has weighed heavily on The Clippers as they have been without a constant force down low on a nightly basis. Enter Jordan. DeAndre has been the monster in the middle they have coveted in Kaman’s absence and it looks as if the Clips have found themselves a keeper. Whether it be blocking shots, rebounding in double figures or throwing it down, Jordan has given the Clippers a new weapon both offensively and defensively.

If you were lucky enough to have added these gems, consider yourself lucky. They have put up big numbers and have filled in and do a fantastic job. Its never easy sitting and waiting for your chance to shine. But clearly, patience pays off!


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