Hello, my name is “Mama Doe” and I’m addicted to the NBA…

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I mean, I just love this game! So much so that I seriously think I’m addicted! In the past this used to be the time of year when the NBA kicked in full throttle but now that I have jumped into this thing with both feet (and hands) this time of year is just a bridge into the 2nd half of what has become a major part of my entertainment for the entire year! No matter what time of year it is I can always find some sort of basketball to get in to. After the regular season there will be the 40 games in 40 nights on TNT, which ends up with the NBA Championship. Oh my, then let’s not forget about the pre-draft workouts which leads into the introduction of our “Newbies”, NBA Draftees for those who need it spelled out. Then it’s time for summer leagues and then the pre-season. As I find a moment to exhale, where back at the beginning of the season again with a slow but steady pace until it drops me back into the lap of All-Star Weekend once again. And all of this without mentioning the trade deadlines, free agency, contract renewals and/or coaching changes… Man oh man, I JUST LOVE THIS GAME!

So, who I am is still a pending question… Hmmm, let me see if I can give some good clues that may or may not help out here. I am a mother of more than one. My son did attend college although he did not complete all 4 years and achieved much success while enrolled. He was invited to the green room for draft night during the year he was drafted. Here’s a good one if I must say so myself, since he’s been in the NBA he’s played on a team with at least one All-Star candidate. Well, that’s it for now folks. But remember you can ask questions in the comment area about random topics and I’ll answer them at the end of my next Mama Doe’s Blog.

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  1. Spurs#1Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    You r for surrrrre like Kwame Browns mother….?

  2. Marco Romo, 9 years ago Reply

    You are Brandon Rush’s Mother?

  3. Dennis Millman, 9 years ago Reply

    It’s 4 sure O.J. Mayo !!!!

  4. JonnyP, 9 years ago Reply

    I agree, u have to be OJ MAyo’s Mother. All signs and clues so far point to the Mayo man!

  5. DaveT, 9 years ago Reply

    Mama Doe…u gotta b 4 sur Johnny Flynn…Only makes sense. KLOve is all star material!!!

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