The NBA is Starting to Get Fun!

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So we are getting into the dog days of the season.  The Spurs are the first team to reach 40 wins and to me, that signifies the time of the year when players fatigue starts kicking in and we see some real grit and the real star players step it up.

Interesting enough, we’ve had some interesting moments in the past week that stand out and make you say hmmm.

First, I must comment on KD, Kevin Durant standing up for his team, his teammates and Oklahoma.  The supposed story is that after Chris Bosh fouled James Harden on a breakaway layup, Durant told Harden he should have dunked it on him.  Bosh’s response was to make an attempt of getting in Durant’s face.  An argument ensued and that was it.  Until Durant was cornered by the media and he said it like it is.  Bosh is a poser.  He has never been any type of tough guy and all of a sudden he’s a thug because he plays with Lebron and Wade.  I remember quite vividly a moment in recent history when the Celtic’s Paul Pierce drove to the rim and dunked it on Bosh, knocking him down.  Bosh’s reaction was to lay there and wait until someone helped him up.  Where was his toughness?  The same place it was in OKC when he thought he was acting tough.  He has no toughness to him and it was actually quite funny watching Bosh pull his mouth guard out and chirp at KD and Harden.

Next I would have to be crazy not to make reference to the fight between Marvin Williams of The Hawks and Shawne Williams of The Knicks.  Unfortunately, cameras weren’t following these players up the court, but when they crossed half-court something must have happened that led to M-Williams shoving S-Williams.  Luckily, Landry Fields was there and grabbed M-Williams just as he was loading up for a nice swing.  This is a clear cut example of adrenaline gone wrong.  These guys showed unsportsmanlike conduct like I cant remember.  Yes, its a competitive game and these guys are banging into each other and physically battling for position.  But they have to show decorum.  They have to take the high road.  They have millions of people at times watching them, and although its exciting, it leaves a bad taste in fans’ mouths as scenes like this remind us of the Malice at the Palace when that game got out of control.

This whole Carmelo Anthony scenario is getting a tad annoying.  He’s being traded, he’s not.  He’ll be a Net, he won’t.  The Knicks are going to sweeten their offer, yet they don’t want to part ways with their youth.  What’s for certain in this whole situation is that The Denver Nuggets are not going to be left out in the cold the way Toronto and Cleveland were.  These teams were left with virtually nothing in return for their franchise players.  The Nuggets saw this, and have learned what they don’t want to happen.  They are showing great patience with this Carmelo situation and I personally feel they will wait for the right offer to be made.  Let’s be honest.  With 24 days until the trade deadline and teams are jockeying for playoff position, a few teams will feel they will have a stronger chance at a title with Melo on board.  The deals will get sweeter and fans in Denver will see changes.

Is this All-Star game starter selection a farce or what?  Yao Ming voted in once again?  I mean the man has skill, but he hasn’t played a full season in who can even remember.  I’m all for fan voting, but the NBA has to step in and make some changes.  Why not make a requirement be that in order for a player to be a starter they have to play “x” amount of games prior to the All-Star Game to qualify?  That seems fair.  Players who have been busting their chops all season (Nene/Chandler for example) and won’t get a chance to play because the fans voted the wrong person.

So the Pacers fired Jim O’Brien.  Not much significance here except for the fact it shows that Larry Bird will go out in a blaze of glory.  First move is to fire the coach, and I have a hunch that major roster changes aren’t too far away.  Rumors have been flying that no player is safe, including Danny Granger.  So I wont be shocked when major roster moves are made.

Is there a new team to watch in Tinseltown?  I haven’t watched a full Lakers game all season.  They are great don’t get me wrong, but sooo boring and methodical.  Kobe will always be Kobe, but the Triangle Offence is getting tiresome to watch.  The Clippers on the other hand have made it fun to be a Clip fan again.  Baron Davis looks like the kid that came in the league almost 10 years ago and the young nucleus of Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Deandre Jordan are electrifying and making the Lake Show take a backseat to the Clippers.

A lot has happened so far this year and we’re only in January!  Hopefully the season plays itself out like this and the fun continues.


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  1. Bryan, 9 years ago Reply

    When Durant made those comments he took himself to a next level. He became a true leader!

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