The Reality of Reality TV

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I’m sure we all know or even have our favorite reality shows that we watch on TV. I know I do. Even though we love to watch the drama unfold from week to week just like anything else  it has its “pros and cons”. “Basketball Wives” is one of reality shows that is running at this time and since this is a website based on “basketball” let’s talk about it.

First of all, the women on the show are beautiful and have different positive qualities besides being married to a NBA Player. I think the show portrays the women in a negative light at times. If you didn’t know better you would almost want to hate them but I guess that’s what makes the viewers return to see what happens the following week. My only issue with the show would be the negative effects that it would have on the many young females that tune in to catch up on the latest gossip, fashion etc…

While the show is VERY entertaining even for me, as I stated earlier, it doesn’t properly display the hard work that actually goes into supporting a man in the NBA. There are charities, businesses, finances, households and families that need to be organized and ran properly amongst the many other things that could and will get dropped in your lap at a moment’s noticed. Instead, Basketball Wives mostly shows the glamorous things such as fashion, traveling, cars, homes and partying. It’s almost as if the show is a “How To” for the wrong reasons which then has a rippling effect amongst our community as a whole. I guess the question is “How REAL is the REALITY?”

Back to the reality of who is Mama Doe… My son did play against both of the NBA Players I talked about in the questions section. The position he plays is not the same as Allen Iverson’s. In his senior year of high school he played in the McDonald All American Game and did pretty good…

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    ok mama stop the messing WHO R U ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Monika, 9 years ago Reply

    Thanks …. Although I am not married to a basketball player, I’m sure to be successful off the court these men need solid women to run the ship like a business. Thee women on the show really are entertaining though ;P

  3. Kyle, 9 years ago Reply

    Dwight Howard. All-American…Not the same position as AI and played against Shaq and K-Mart..Gotta b Superman himself!

  4. OKCThunderousFan, 9 years ago Reply

    Sounds like my main man KD. Durant all the way here….Mama, more clues please. If I’m not correct, gimme some more clues. More writing from you, its a gr8 insite into a different aspect of the NBA. Can’t wait to find out who you are.

  5. Mama ?, 9 years ago Reply

    Hmmm…both me & my son are on FaceBook but we are only friends offline! Most folks think we look alike but neither of us see the resemblance…

  6. Mama Doe, 9 years ago Reply

    Since this is the NBA All Star Weekend here’s a hint regarding both my son and the weekend mentioned. My sons last NBA All Star Appearance was less than 5 years ago. It was for his participation in the Rookie-Sophmore game and he did not play against Michael Beasley or Greg Oden…

  7. OKCThunderousFan, 9 years ago Reply

    I know who it is now!!! The cut off is at the end of the month. I think I am going to wait a little bit more, but I def know who it is now 4 sur!!!! Thx Mama!!

  8. WarriorsWonderFan, 9 years ago Reply

    Not Oden you say! Since Im a “blank” team fan, and I want that jersey/shirt/hat i think i know now!!!

  9. Mama Doe, 9 years ago Reply

    hint: My son is a man of few words on Twitter! But I’m very vocal!!!

    • Effurteam_, 9 years ago Reply

      I know who u r, ur last clue gave it away.

  10. Mama Doe, 9 years ago Reply

    hmmm… You think so huh!

  11. Ronny, 9 years ago Reply

    So it looks like someone maybe guessed. I think I know, but not too sure. Since he played with Kmart and Shaq…and a million dollar smile which makes him a top pick and in the past few years which makes him pretty recent…Would it be Raymond Felton??

  12. Damian Roneldine, 9 years ago Reply

    It sounds to me like Kwame Brown, but thats too long ago. Maybe Brandon Jennings?

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