The Red-Haired Beast

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I don’t think there’s any problem trying to figure out who I’m referring to. Blake Griffin was an unstoppable phenomenon in this year’s All Star Weekend show out. The 6’10, 251 pound young star is always humble when it comes to his game but he has all the reason to boast.

On Friday, February 18th, which was the first day of the star studded event in Los Angeles, California, the Rooks vs. Sophs game was the catalyst in which gave new talent to show what they’re made of, Blake Griffin included. With 135 dunks already in his regular season, this game was not shy of his triumphant slams into the rim. Alongside him were youthful bloomers like the dimple-faced DeJuan Blair, Stephen Curry and his baby face, big man Demarcus Cousins and how can you forget Landry Fields and John Wall? All are to be afraid of in the future, and it’s probably safe to say they are right now. But Blake Griffin wasn’t done with LA on Friday. He still had more to say.

“A car? Really?” That was what was going through my head when the Kia was brought out, along with the choir, bellowing “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, very reminiscent of Space Jam and the one and only Michael Jordan.  This was not the only dunk BG did that wowed the crowd. His very first dunk with the 360 spin was epic. It took him a few times to do it and it was probably his plan B. He was shy of one point for a perfect score but that really didn’t hurt him at all. The other players who participated did an excellent job and allowed for viewers to watch a good competition- from Ibaka’s African flags to Derozan’s one-handed killer to McGee dunking three balls at once, yes it was three. The one thing I can say is that the creativity of Blake Griffin was scarce in the beginning. It was “just him and the hoop” as Kenny Smith, his coach, kept saying. This was making McGee, along with his partner Chris Webber, shine in the contest because we all know the dunk contest is all about creativity, originality, and presentation. However, Blake Griffin made up for it with the ability to have powerful, effective and articulate dunks. Then, in the end, with the car and choir as aforementioned, were meticulous details that made his dunk stand out to the crowd, and most importantly, the judges. Griffin’s grin on the court was a sight so priceless and everyone can see that he was enjoying the moment. Dedicating the whole thing to his best friend, who passed on the previous Wednesday, was the bittersweet part but BG held his trophy high and his head even higher.

A State Farm commercial that featured LeBron James came on after Griffin was announced as the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest winner. Where was his supposed appearance this year? Rumors spread in 2009 about him being in the 2010 contest but it was to no avail. Then, this year was a no go as well. It might have been interesting if we added the big man into the mix but the outcome probably would’ve been the same.

Griffin and James are both big men who have the ability to hold their weight but BG seems to have more of a plethora of styles of dunks than James does. I think LeBron’s power makes his dunks incredible. But, no matter how you slice it, shout out to the big man with the red hair and red jersey. It’s only just begun.

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