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What a flurry of deals we have seen.  In recent years, it’s hard to remember a Trade Deadline that  had so many players moved.  Not only were there an abnormal amount of players moved, but they were high profile players and some were shocking.

Now that these deals are done, let’s take a look at some Teams and their new players and the impacts the trades may have on them from a Fantasy perspective.

New York Knicks: With the addition of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks have one of the best 1-2 punches in the league.  Unfortunately for the Knicks, they traded away the majority of their team to get him.  Look for the Knicks to remain in the playoff picture in the East and for Carmelo and Amare Stoudemire’s numbers to go up.

Denver Nuggets: With the loss of Melo it looked dark in Denver.  But have no fear, as it looks like Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari and Raymond Felton coming back to them will give Denver some quality depth.  These players will all take a hit as Felton is no longer starting, and both Chandler and Galo will see reduced minutes as the Nuggets have an abundance of players at the 3/4.

New Jersey Nets: It looked as if they were the big losers this year.  Melo went to their cross town rival Knicks and they were left with a young under-acheiving squad.  With the deal that brought them Deron Williams, the Nets will be relevant once again.  Deron Williams will remain consistent and his numbers should not be affected by the move to Jersey.  Whether he stays in The Swamp longer than 2012 is another question.

Atlanta Hawks:The Hawks long coveted a Point Guard that could lead their team and direct traffic on the floor.  They brought in Kirk Hinrich to do just that.  Hinrich is a proven NBA Veteran that will help lead the Hawks into the Playoffs.  He has great court vision and protects the ball.   Now that Hinrich is a full time starter in Atlanta, look for his numbers to sky-rocket as he gets to play alongside Horford, Johnson and Smith.

Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers look destined to make a move and many of their rosters names were mentioned in rumors.  In the end, the Blazers look like a huge winner as they add Gerald Wallace from Charlotte for what may be next to nothing.  The picks will be low first rounders and Pryzbilla is on his last legs.  For Wallace, look for his stats to remain static but maybe take a bit of a drop as he is now surrounded with much more talent than just Stephen Jackson.

L.A. Clippers:  Somehow ridding themselves of Baron Davis and his $30 million contract was a miracle that was somehow pulled off.  The Clippers connection of Davis and Griffin looked perfect, but apparently there are other plans in LA.  For Mo Williams who is the new Point Guard in town, look for his assist numbers to go up along with his 3pt attempts and possibly his scoring also as the Clippers are nowhere close to as bad as the Cavs are.

Oklahoma City Thunder: In the most shocking move of the day, the Thunder managed to steal both Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson from the Celtics.  Perkins will be a major upgrade at the Center position from Krstic and will give the Thunder a huge presence down low on defence.  Look for Perkins numbers to stay very similar from his time in Boston, as he is still surrounded by quality players in OKC.

Boston Celtics: In the surprising move of the day Boston GM Danny Ainge traded for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.  Jeff Green will provide great firepower off the bench,  but the departure of Perkins leaves the Celts empty up front.  Look for the Celtics to possibly pickup Troy Murphy once he is released by the Warriors.  Jeff Green’s numbers will drop dramatically as he is no longer an NBA starter.  he ill be coming off of the bench behind Paul Pierce and will see limited time compared to OKC.

With so many teams making so many trades, its tough to keep track of who went where.  A better question in a lot of these deals may be why were they sent there.  Whatever the reason, in order to stay up to date, please check out’s NBA Trade Deadline Summary story for a complete update.


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