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On this joyous day of St. Valentines, we take a look at the season so far and further examine some ongoing relationships in the league. Some are great and look like they are matches made in heaven. While others, well let’s just say these are divorces waiting to happen!

Miami Heat 3 Kings -Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwayne Wade in South Beach. It looked great on paper and even sounded better. The team got off to a rocky start and has settled into somewhat of a groove. The 1 major problem is that Chris Bosh is the odd man out. This 3-some that was supposed to be, just won’t. This is officially Lebron James’ team. Dwayne Wade will always be a potent offensive player and a great leader, but as Mark Jackson made reference to the other day…Whatever team LBJ plays for he will be the leader of that team. Bosh is just playing third fiddle to the other two and his star power is gone. He should have stayed in Toronto and remained the leader of the Raptors. Instead, he divorced Toronto and Canada for that matter and is now an orphan in Miami.

Los Angeles Lakers & Ron Artest -After winning his first NBA title and finally achieving what every NBA player dreams of, Ron Artest and the Lakers look headed straight for a separation.  Artest has always been known for his shenanigans and this season is like no other.  His effort is lacking and he is just not the player the Lakers need him to be.  With Matt Barnes close to returning from knee surgery, look for the Lakers to rid themselves of the dead weight.  After all, Artest rid himself of the Championship Ring he so coveted so where’s the reason for him to try anymore?

NY Knicks & Amare Stoudemire -This relationship looked like it may take a while to blossom when it started back in the summer.  After the Knicks signed Amare as a free agent, it was unclear how well Stoudemire and D’Antoni would mesh not having Steve Nash around.  After all, it was the combo of Nash and Stoudemire that made D’Antoni so successful in Phoenix.  But leave it to the pairing of NYC and Amare to make us look foolish.  This duo is clicking pills at the right time and the Knicks look like they can make a little noise this season.   If coddled just enough and the right pieces are brought in, this marriage may last the test of time.  This team looks like they’ll be doing great things for years to come.

Denver & Carmelo Anthony -You know when you see a couple together and all they do is fight? Well this is the case with Anthony and the Nuggets.  When will the drama stop?  When will they both just realize that they are no good for each other?  They have to go their separate ways in order to fully move on.  They know the break-up is going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.  Carmelo no longer feels welcome within the Nuggets organization and he knows he needs to find a new “partner” if you will.  Denver wants to make sure that they get the right “settlement” in this divorce and make sure they aren’t left high and dry with nothing to show for after all these years together.

Shaq & Boston -Same story as usual for big Shaq.  Joins a new team and promises that he understands his role and how things will be which sounds great.  All seemed to be working with the Celtics, up until he again got hurt as usual.  He has had no time to mesh with the Celts to actually see if they connect or not.  Let’s give this a little bit longer to see if this one is going to work out or not.

L.A. Clippers & Blake Griffin -Move over Kobe Bryant, there’s a new kid in town.  Blake Griffin and Los Angeles look like a match made in heaven.  So far so good for this team.  Blake has brought a new found energy to the Clippers and the L.A. area has taken notice.  With Griffin by its side, the Clippers are again relevant.  how far this relationship will go is not known quite yet.  Whats for sure, is that this team has a great future and baring any unforeseen circumstances will blossom into a perennial powerhouse if the nucleus remains.

There you  have it.  A brief look into some of the Love & Hate that has gone on so far this season.  There’s a lot more story lines to follow, and will keep you posted and updated on the comings and goings of the season.


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