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In the beginning, LeBron James “taking his talents to South Beach” gave off hints of disloyalty, carelessness, and arrogance. There was little cohesion between the new Big Three on the Miami Heat, referring to Bosh, Wade, and James and many people started to doubt their success as the new found team to look out for. But did you peep the Heat vs. Pacers game last night? Miami looked like the team that everyone made them out to be in the beginning. Dwayne Wade has been prone to injury this season but he dropped 41 points against Indiana, with the explosive pass to James across the full court with not one bounce of the Spalding on the paint, emphatically dunking. That was undoubtedly the play of the night. The Pacers put up a good fight for the W but, in the 110-103 win over the Pacers, the Heat showed their fiery flames.

 Now, whatever happened to the King’s former castle in Cleveland? Once everyone hears the name Cavaliers, a feeling of dismay overwhelms them, especially those of the native land. On February 4th, the Cavs tied “the longest single season losing streak in NBA history”, according to LAtimes.com. It was their 23rdconsecutive loss. 23? He’s now flexing in number six in honor of MJ but 23 is the former number that the Cav’s former prodigy-now enemy sported not so long ago. Oh, the irony! The Cleveland Cavaliers and their whole city must have felt the worst burning sensation all throughout their bodies. Burning? Heat? Ok, enough of that.

But the big question is: are the Heat able to win the NBA title this year or are they even a playoff contender? Subjectively speaking, the Heat winning the whole thing is looking slim. Their record of 40-15 is not too shabby but, when you think about teams like the Magic and of course the Lakers, then what? It’s hard for me to say that as an avid LeBron James fan but truth is truth.  However, this year’s NBA season is quite unique due to up and coming teams (and underdogs) like the Clippers with the monster Blake Griffin, Stoudemire on the Knicks and young stars like Kevin Durant online Without Prescription Ampicillin cheap and Russell Westbrook on the Thunder. Do you think the Lakers will 3-peat? Well, All Star Weekend is finally here, which marks the middle of the NBA season. After that’s done, things should get really interesting.

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  1. charlie, 9 years ago Reply

    your writing skills are NBA READY

  2. Heatle4Life, 9 years ago Reply

    Wades Pass to LBJ was sick !! Might go down as one of the top plays of the year !!!

  3. Krissy, 9 years ago Reply

    Wow this is a good entry. Your writing and journalism skills are excellent !

  4. LoveBoshinMiami, 9 years ago Reply

    Gr8 piece and sooooo true!

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