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He wasn’t elected to the all-star game by the fans. He wasn’t selected by the coaches.  It’s only because half of China voted for a player who: 1. Has not played more than 24 minutes in a game this season and 2. Has played in 5 games this season, that he was elected to the all-star game by David Stern. It almost seems like a cheap consolation prize to me. Not saying that if I was Kevin Love I would decline the invitation, but it definitely wouldn’t have the same lustre.

In Tuesday’s 112-108 victory over the Yao Ming-less Rockets, Kevin Love passed Kevin Garnett’s team record with his 38th consecutive double-double. It actually seems fitting to me that he set the record against the team that the player he is replacing in the all-star game plays for. Okay well he doesn’t really play, but you get the idea. And while the Timberwolves don’t have quite the storied history of big men that the Lakers or Celtics do, passing Kevin Garnett in any way, shape, or form in Minnesota’s record book is something to applaud.

Before he was drafted Love was making headlines for his uncanny ability to make half-court and full-court shots like they were free-throws.

In looking at his 2007-2008 stats at UCLA we shouldn’t really be all that surprised at what he’s been able to do this year. In 39 games he averaged 17pts and 10rebs a game. If there’s one skill that seems to transcend competition it’s rebounding, which he clearly has a knack for.

At 38 in a row he’s closing in on Moses Malone’s record of 44 in a row. It would seem like 7 more to break the record would be a formality at this point. Or is it? I’m going to go ahead and say yes. The points are a virtual lock as the team’s second option behind Beasley. Some will argue he’s the first option, but Beasley’s shot volume is telling me otherwise. He’s only had less than 12 boards in 6 of the 38 games. He’s had 7 or more offensive rebounds in 11. That Beasley shot volume rears it’s ugly head again. In watching him play, his rebounding is almost more technical than most. Rarely will you see him above the rim to snag a board. It’s more or less like thanks to his ability to box out and use his body to ward others off, the balls just seems to fall to him.

Playing on a bad team or not, what he’s doing is impressive. I’m not sure if Moses Malone has been to any of Love’s games or if he will be there should he get within a game of the record. In my opinion to see the two pose together for a post game picture or just a congratulatory handshake would almost be a passing of the baton from a great rebounder of yester-year to one of the future. Not saying he will go on to have a Hall of Fame career, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that he’s only 22 years old and averaging  21 and 15. I feel somewhat obligated to say that because of his age that he hasn’t figured this NBA thing out yet. But then I look back at the past 38 games and say, “Yeah, he’s got a pretty good handle on things, one of them being missed shots”.

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    The entire All star voting process is a sham and should be adjusted !!!

    Klove is an allstar no doubt !

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