A point in Orlando’s defence on Orlando’s defense

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Ever since the 3 point loss by Warriors against Magic (120-123) that hurt the Magic and their fans. Magic have clamped down on defense. Van Gundy’s comments were “If you can’t guard the perimeter, you will lose”

In the past seven games,
Magic have allowed 89.4 points scored against them per game (Season Avg is 99.4) with their only loss to the LA Lakers who are on fire since All Star weekend. That is 10 points less that usual.
Although their neighbouring rivals, Miami has allowed 89.4 points per game as well in past 7 games
Even the best of the West, Spurs are allowing 105.9 points per
game and Lakers have allowed 98.3 points in the past seven.

Even the best defensive team, Bulls who sit on top of the East Conference have allowed 93.5 points per game.
The only team that has been better defensively in the past seven games are the defensive minded Celtics, who have given away 86.2 points per game, BUT here is the difference – Celtics averaged 85.9 points per game compared to Orlando’s 96.5, that’s a huge differential of almost 11 points, which will definitely prove pivotal on the road in playoffs!
Stan Van Gundy has been preaching defence all season long, every time Magic scores 120 points, Van Gundy still isn’t satisfied as Magic gave away too many points in that game. But with all those statistics…maybe, just maybe the players of Magic have finally received the message from Van Gundy and have gelled together and are playing better defensively, therefore increasing their chances to win the games, especially as most people have already written them off. All the more reason for Magic to go out with a point to prove
So playoff contenders, look out as DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS…along with a bit of magic!

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  1. Brodis, 9 years ago Reply

    If there is one thing thats certain…If Van Gundy gets pissed he usually lights a fire under his team. And it looks like they are right at the best time. I know I wouldn’t want to face off versus Dwight and team in the 1st round.

  2. ShpenkyD, 9 years ago Reply

    O-Town isnt just for singers anymore. Dwight Howard is tearing up the league. The trade that happened will pay dividends in the Playoffs. This is a playoff team. Jameer is the X FacTOR

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