An Offensive Offence

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From this one clip we can completely understand the problem with the Timberwolves offense.

Start at the :30 mark of the video. Kevin Love passes the ball from the top of the key to the left side of the court.  Beasley begins to make a cut to early, causing Darko to set a poor screen allowing Deng to beat Beasley to his spot.  Look at the :32 mark.  When Deng goes over the screen, Beasley goes back door but Boozer sages off to cover Beasley and Darko, also Kurt Thomas sages off Kevin Love so Darko can not flash to the high post.  Look at the :33 mark.  Kevin Love standing at the top of the key and his man sagging off of him.  Everyone is waiting for a poorly executed play to develop.  If the ball is quickly swung back to Kevin and Beasley inside seals his man, it could be an easy layup for Beasley or Darko.  Back to the :32 mark.  If Kevin goes to set a pick on Ellington’s man, that will pull Kurt Thomas out of the lane, which could allow Darko to flash to the high post pulling Boozer higher, allowing a backdoor alley-op for Beasley.  Instead everyone is standing around waiting for the play to develop and watching instead of reading the Defense and finding mis-matches, or defenders out of position. At the :35 Mark Beasley gets the ball.  Then what.  Ellington makes a poor excuse for a cut or a screen or I don’t know what it is, but everyone else just stands around.   Kevin stands at the top of the key, he should either go away from the ball or flash to the ball side, but no, what does he do.  Watch mark :38, Kevin is thinking rebound, he immediately runs toward the basket. Ellington stands out at the top of the key with his hands on his hips watching.  Were is Darko and Flynn standing around, or break dancing, or two-stepping, who know but they could as soon be sitting in the crowd as they just stand around doing nothing.  So with all this standing around and non-sensical movement what does Beasley do.  Beasley decides to do what Beasley does best get buckets.  Beasley gives Deng a lesson in two-step, tango, and ballroom dancing, then Beasley takes his bucket and goes home.  People say Beasley shots to much but who do you think he was going to pass it to with everyone standing around.  There were so many options for that play but none of the player knew when or where to move to find openings or cause the defense to move to provide an advantage to their teammates.

All this falls back on coaching and teaching.  The players need to first learn to execute properly and once they get that they can learn to think creatively on offense. Watch the clip over and over again.  First watch Beasley, each time you watch it, focus on watching a different player.  You will notice that none of them are on the same page, none of them understand what it means to work together as a single unit.  Floor spacing does not always mean spread out as much as you can.  Sometimes it means make your defender get out of position so that your teammate gets an offensive advantage. I can imagine what goes on in the Timberwolves practice but it would seem like there is a lot of talking and explaining and not enough of actual doing.  They always seem lost, like they have heard what they are suppose to do, but they have not actually done it a hundred times so that it is second nature to them.  The Timberwolves players, in the Timberwolves offense, look like a bunch of 3rd graders learning to run an offense for the first time and you can see the look on their faces as they think through what they are suppose to do.  Like when you can tell a dancer is counting 1&2 and 3&4.  They don’t seem comfortable at all running the offense.

Either the offense needs to change, the players needs to change, or they way they are being coached to run the offense needs to change.

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  1. Brandon, 9 years ago Reply

    I think something needs to be said why Rambis was never more than an Assistant in LA for so long. Clearly, and if u look at this video its apparent he has 0 control over the WOlves. Kevin Love only puts up huge #’s because his teammates let him. As for the team. Beasley can score, but he is used incrorectly. Love is dirty, but he needs a Center that is consistant and the rest of the team is lost without a serious PG running the team. If Rubio comes over EVER maybe things will change. For now, they will remain lost

    • whys, 9 years ago Reply

      Thanks for the comment. I think Rambis is inexperienced and he has to learn to adapt the things he learned under Phil Jackson to a younger experienced team. He has to dedicate more direct teaching and coach time than Phil Jackson has to do with a veteran team. The Timberwolves could definitely use an experienced floor general, and I am not sure Rubio is the answer, but I think he could be an upgrade. But I definitely like Ridnour as a backup PG.

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