Finally! A WIN!

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Well Well Well who do we have a Here?! The Knicks? with a WIN against an actual playoff team, I’m not to sure what to say about this Win because the Knicks had it lucky without the Orlando Magic star Point Gaurd Jameer Nelson, who usually has his way with the Knick Guard’s. The Knicks played a tough game from the get go, being down in the beginning and rallying back to take the lead and hold it for a victory. I’ll keep this Blog short b/c the Knicks tend to find ways to lose.  As i predicted in the first half of the season, they’ll look like a playoff contender.  They’ll make some noise but then fall into their pattern…they pull off a losing streak of 8 games or more when the games actually matter. Hence the predicament they face for the next 9 games: they can be leap frogged by the Pacers if they aren’t careful and possibly lose out on a playoff appearance.  But as a die hard Knick fan, I’m tough on them and need to be shown that OFFENSE will win in a playoff series. Last time I checked it doesn’t. Clamp down and play Defense and make the Push! If not? See you Guys in Miami! Take your Talents to South Beach.

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  1. Knicks-erbocker, 9 years ago Reply

    I was as shocked as you were with that OT win. Orlando is a serious team and to beat them isnt easy. I wouldnt count them out quite yet. Pretty sure they’ll get in the playoffs, and with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on their team anything is possible.

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