Here today; Gone tomorrow

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Did this get done? Did that get done? Is the car ready? Did I remember to get… Whew! What a world wind! When my son comes to our hometown for a game against the local team I start to prepare for at least a month in advance. Making sure all details are taken care of from having the car that he will be chauffeured in detailed and waiting for him at the hotel to making his favorite meal etc. Planning a homecoming for him has begun to become more involved then some small weddings. Everyone wants a small bit of his attention during the short time that he is near and me as his mom has to make MAGIC happen at any cost practically, even giving up my brief few minutes with him. After all, I am his mom and I can talk to him anytime I want right? See him, whenever I want too, huh? Well, that’s far from the case… My time with him is limited as well but as a mom I’ve always made sacrifices to make others happy and I’ve learned to put a smile on my face to make it seem as though it doesn’t bother me. I will admit that sometimes I just want to be selfish and have him all to myself because I have to share him with the rest of the world 364 days of the year (including holidays) and when he comes to our hometown all I want is my baby, even for an hour, or even a few minutes passing thru to his next stop. But, he’s grown now, and wants to cram as much as he can into the 18 hrs that he is actually in town and sometimes visiting “Mom’s House” for the first time is just not doable, at least not on this trip, so I just step aside and make sure everyone else gets their time in with the “Family Star”. Besides, as long as he’s happy and everyone else is happy for just that brief time then I myself am happy to do my part in making it all happen.

Who I am Is about to be revealed with in the next day or so… But for you last minute people here’s another clue… My son played against the home team this week then was immediately wisped away. But I will see him again before the end of the season playing against his first NBA team.

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  1. DaveeBoy, 9 years ago Reply

    You capitalized MAGIC…young player…Earl Young???

  2. KDurant#1Fanatic, 9 years ago Reply

    It sure sounds like Durant to me. Oklahoma City was moved there from Seattle so that would mean you don’t live in the same city…Durants gotta be it!!!

  3. Mama Doe, 9 years ago Reply

    Wow! So many great guesses… Only time will tell who’s actually correct! Sorry gotta go…OUR game is on! hahahaha!

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