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Everyone has been talking about who is the biggest winner when it comes to the trade deadline. I guess that’s the obvious point of view to look at with the so called “block buster” trades that have occurred. However, when the trades take place there is more to be considered especially if you were not necessarily in favor of the trade.

As a mother you automatically want to reach out to your son to check on his mental state to get a feel for what they are thinking. In some cases you don’t know weather to congratulate or console them. We have to put aside our thoughts and opinions in order to assure our sons that there is always a silver lining and that the trade is not the end of the world and could possibly be a blessing in disguise. I’ve always said, “If someone’s willing to make a trade for you it a good thing…” When a player is traded, they have to meet with their new team immediately. The fact that they have homes, families, cars and in some cases pets and not to mention staff is not taken into consideration during these trade talks and that’s where things become more humanized. As a m other of a young player my first thoughts would be to make sure that my son has everything he needs immediately in order to be comfortable in his new city, which could include family, cars, clothes etc. While fans in the new town are happy to welcome the new guy there is so much that goes on behind the scenes in order to make that happen.

I guess the player involved in last week’s trade deadline which I looked at from a “motherly” point of view would have been Jeff Green. I immediately thought mainly about Jeff’s mom because our sons are approximately the same age and even though my son was drafted into the league before he was I believe that we will have a different bond because of this. Since I have experienced the “trade saga” with my own son I sort of know what she’s going thru. As much as I wanted to reach out to her, I took a back seat to that because I know that I needed my privacy in order to process everything involved properly and while I know that others had good intentions sometimes it can be overwhelming. Never mind the fact that both the player and in some cases the family develop bonds with the staff and other families of the team being traded from. All of a sudden the team you used to love have to be the team you have to hate and now for different reasons. So you see this is a very stressful time for not only players but with the families and friends involved as well.

With this being said, who am I? I am a mother of wonderful children who I consider to be ALL STARS. This blog will not necessarily be about my family but I will allow them to participate as much as they’d like to if that’s what they choose.  I would mainly like to give my perspective on different topics that come up in the NBA world from a mother’s point of view. I hope readers find it entertaining and not offensive and know that I am only giving my opinions as a “Professional Mom”. So look out for my weekly blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen: My Identity will be held at bay for just a tad bit longer for reasons not to be disclosed at this time so lets have a little more fun with this. Depending on the reactions of my kids & family, I’ll share all our Twitter names with those of you who are interested at a later time. Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest and at the new deadline the winners will be contacted by the staff of “The Bowse” . Until we meet again…

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  1. Jeremy, 9 years ago Reply

    Interesting take on trades in the league. The fams do get effected, but as fans we usually only give a crap about where our fav players go. Cant wait to see who u are!

  2. Kyle, 9 years ago Reply

    Still trying 2 figure this out. I’m thinking maybe KG, Mr Garnett himself???

  3. Jonny-P, 9 years ago Reply

    Not much new as far as clues go…but i think i got it now…i hope.

  4. Mama Doe, 9 years ago Reply

    Clue: I have my bucket of popcorn and SNUGGIE sitting the couch watching my son play tonight… “Let’s go!”

  5. LO-ren-ZO, 9 years ago Reply

    “Mama” is it possible that your boy was actually just traded??? Lottery pick? Hmmmmmm…. Initials C.B ??? I’m guessin

  6. Steven Weiss, 9 years ago Reply

    Mama…whats it like when your boy is traded? Do you feel bad, excited, sad?

    I mean everyone knows it’s hard on the players but no one really thinks about the players families, like wifes, girl friends, kids, mothers siblings etc….

    Great perspective. Don’t know who you are but I will keep reading your posts to figure it out !

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