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The season is in the final stretch drive and it’s about time that we discuss possible Most Valuable Player  (MVP)  award contenders.  It’s been a gruelling season so far.  There’s been numerous injuries to players around the league, yet teams and players have persevered through and are making a case for the most most lucrative award in the NBA. looks at each player from many angles including scoring, impact on their team, their team’s record and position in the standings as well as the overall impact as a player they have had.

Dirk Nowitzki – Statistically, some would say he is having somewhat of an off-year as his scoring and rebounding are down.  Although true, his impact on the court is more evident in the domination the Mavericks are showing on the court.  In his 9 game absence earlier in the year due to injury, The Mavs went a horrid 2-7 while looking totally lost on the court.  Upon his return and since then, they have gone 19-4 and looked dominant and unstoppable along the way.  Sitting 2nd in the Western Conference, Dirk and The Mavs look like they are on a trip to the Western Conference Finals, and hopefully Dirk can help them get over the hump!

Derrick Rose – Drafted 1st overall in 2008, The Bulls thought they found themselves their future leader.  Little did they know exactly who they drafted.  Over his first couple of years, Rose showed flashes of greatness, but this year he has taken his game to a new level.  He has increased his scoring average 4 points per game and is averaging 2 more assists per contest.  The most astonishing part of the development of his game is his ability to hit 3 pointers.  now averaging 1.5 3′s per game, Rose has become a threat all over the court.  With a cast that includes Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, The Bulls are now in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference and with Rose leadership, the Bulls look primed for a serious run to the FInals.

Kevin Durant- Quietly going through “the motions”, Durant is very silently having himself yet another phenomenal season.  He is once again leading the league in scoring (28.4 ppg) and his 4th place Thunder look poised to make another playoff push this year.  The young Thunder team needed a leader, and Durant has become this man.  He is the heart and soul of Oklahoma City and through his leadership, the Thunder will be a threat in the playoffs.

Lebron James – When Lebron James went public with his decision to play for the Miami Heat, most believed he would take a hit statistically by making the move down South.  With Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh by his side, sentiments were that he would no longer need to score and play the same type of game.  3/4 of the way through the season and apparently most were wrong.  He may be scoring 3 less points per game, but one must remember he no longer is the one and only scoring option, so to think that a man with so much talent around him and still averaging over 25 points per game…well, it’s astounding.  Lebron and the Heat started off slow and are playing a bit poor of late, but sitting 3rd in the Eastern Conference and trailing the Celtics for a few games, it’s clear to see why Lebron James is headed to yet anothert MVP award.

There are many others deserving of this award (Kevin Love, Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash, Manu Ginobli) but when compared to the players listed above, it is clearly going to be one of them when the dust settles.

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