New York. New York. Home of the Bright Lights and Big Losers?

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New York Knick fans have got to know this storyline all too well, closing in to the end of the regular season, and your under .500 and your slowly but surely losing your way out of the playoff run.  Even with Carmelo Anthony undoubtedly the best PURE scorer the NBA has seen, its mind boggling as to how they are tablet losing to lackluster teams who seem to want the 7th spot or a playoff run more than the Knicks do even when they have No SHOT.

I’m not really too sure what D’antoni is going to tell the NY times or Daily News, but the first time the knicks lost 2 games the Fans and Media have already pressed the panic button and the lights are flashing a Bright Amber and Red. They are surely finding ways to Lose and not win, But in my own Humble and Honest Opinion D’antoni isn’t the coach to lead this team to a playoff victory much less a championship, His court sets and style of play is reminiscent to Park Ball at West 4th street. As much as i am a Die Hard Knick Fan and Carmelo my Favorite player,

This is a Dream that NYC cant seem to grasp and it isn’t working out (AS OF YET), We always seem to get home town Hero’s and never thrive. Hopefully they don’t turn against Carmelo if his stardom and talent along with A’mare And a young group of talented players don’t equate to a playoff appearance? Only time will tell, but right now the Knicks are in quick sand and its not looking too good. 5 straight loses and sitting on 35-37.

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  1. Ballh79, 9 years ago Reply

    The Knicks were better with 1 alpha dog in Amare….They gave up TOOOO much…look at Denver now…

    The Media will be all over the knicks and fans patience will be very thin…

    Melo would have never resigned in NJ..the Knicks should have waited and got him when he was an FA

  2. DarrenP, 9 years ago Reply

    The Knicks have lost 6 in a row. They are going NOWHERE. Talent and scoring can only get you so far.

  3. Will I Am NOT, 9 years ago Reply

    Watch out for the team that plays them in the 1st round. I wouldnt wanna face Melo, Amare and Chauncey thats all i have to say about that~!

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