The Blue and Orange Disorder

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In the 2010 NBA season, the Knicks were the underdogs in the league and D’Antoni always looked stressed on the sideline, observing his inactive team. They had a 29-53 season record and they knew things needed to be corrected. In the beginning of the current season, the Knicks’ destiny was looking reminiscent of last year, even though they were looking a tinge stronger with the help of their newest players (Toney Douglas and Shawne Williams). With the upset of not having LeBron to contribute to the picture with all the rumors from this past summer, the odds of being playoff contenders, let alone having an acceptable season were slim to none. However, the trading season seemed to be their good luck charm.

The hype of Melo coming to NY had fans ecstatic about what the future could possibly hold for the sluggish team and its plans to finally possibly participate in the post season.

 The annexation of Carmelo Anthony was the talk of New York once it happened, as was annexing Billups, which was highly underrated. Of course, they weren’t the only two players the acquired but they were the only ones that the hysteria was over. The Knickerbockers finally got a come-up with the talent that they desperately yearned for. Since the trade, improvement was definitely shown and, a while back, they even took the W against the Miami Heat. The win had to be a major confidence booster, since a few months before, they would’ve probably been losing by double digits. Anthony and Billups’ debut was the next day after they got traded and, without any practice with their new teammates, they looked good together and won and, nonetheless, in the Garden. Life was sweet.

When I first got word of the trade, I was very skeptical due to the fact that the Knicks lost efficient shooters and nearly half, if not all, of their starting five. Quite irresolute, I wasn’t sure if the players attained were worth losing some of the best players/shooters the Knicks had. After watching the rebooted team play together, I could see there was hope for them. However, in an article by Shaun Powell on, he brought up valid points to consider. He said that the trades between NY and Denver are “merely pacifying their entertainment-starved fans.” In this well said phrase, he emphasizes that even though there were top players acquired, the hype should not be taken to an extreme and this is where the playoffs come into the picture. The playoffs are probably not for the Knicks until a few years into the future. An article in the March 21st AM New York newspaper brought to New Yorkers’ attention some valuable facts on the Knicks fate. The Knicks lost to the Pacers twice in the same week and are 0-3 against the Cleveland Cavaliers who have won just 13 games this season. “For everyone to be 100 percent on the same page, it might take next season,” Anthony was quoted saying in the article by Tim Herrera. Cohesion is crucial when it comes to playing the game of basketball because it is undoubtedly a team sport. One person is not expected to help a team win. Hence, in order to see our blue and orange uniforms go far in the post season, whether this year, the next, or after that, the players have to mesh more than they already have. Chemistry is not just about chemicals. It’s about things that go together and things that don’t and we don’t want this new found Knicks team to blow up in our faces. But it cannot be expected to happen over such a short epoch of time.

In New York, sports is a focal point in people’s everyday lives and, as a New Yorker, I can say this is true. Even though the Knicks are not at their best right now, they’ve given us a reason to sport our blue and orange again after many years of stagnation. Now, all I can say is “New York, New York” in my best Frank Sinatra voice and hope that our future is bright just like our city.

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  1. charlie, 9 years ago Reply

    this article is brilliant truth

  2. Mikee, 9 years ago Reply

    I thought they wud b way better than this. The Nuggets look so much better. Melo and Amare need to lead this team by example. And wheres Chauncey’s leadership?

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