The Heat Will Lose In The 2nd Round Of The Playoffs

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Yes, I am a Heat fan and I tell you that this team will lose in the second round of the playoffs. They have been struggling since their Hot Dec/Jan of 20-1 on whether they will “shutdown” people defensively or “outscore” people offensively. The key game or games I thought were the tell tale wasn’t tonight in a bitter loss against a below .500 Cleveland squad. It was in early January with those improbable wins versus Houston and Portland. They blew my mind in those games. I was very happy that we won, but the defense was gone. I thought to myself, eeeh..those games can be thrown out. There was NO DEFENSE played on either side. Well then came the month that followed and the Heat gave up more 100 pt games than in December and they started losing those games. The conclusion is that the Dec/Jan streak was only a streak and they couldn’t keep up the brute pace they set. So the choice needed to be made: Defend or Outscore, but not both. The team has chosen to outscore.

What opposing defenses have done since that time is develop solid scouting reports on the Heat’s tendencies and in their games have exploited every weakness they have. In a game against Indiana, Tony Fiorentino had even mentioned that the Indiana coaches knew the Heat players would celebrate dunks or scores and wouldn’t run back down to defend, so Indiana pushed the ball up as fast as they could and scored at will. The Heat escaped that game late in the 4th.

This is why they won’t go farther than the 2nd round: Lebron & Wade shoot horrible between 7 to 22 feet (b/w the launching pad & the 3 pt stripe). In losses both of them shoot at 36 pct clips. Defenses already know to “pack the paint” against Lebron & Wade who are “carbon copies” of one another and since neither of them shoot well–check one for the opposition. I have heard that Coach ‘Spo has tried to “let the players go” and not restrict them to a playbook. The “Iso+kick to a shooter” offense doesn’t work which is usually what the team runs. The shooters’ don’t shoot well and Lebron holds the ball too long when he is at point, running down the clock.

The Heat have NO INTERIOR PRESENCE and NO BENCH. The bench is the 800 lb pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, but they are 3rd to last in the NBA in bench points. No bench means the starters have to play more and they will be overrun against opponents with their benches. So, Its been a fun season and far be it from me to “rain on anyone’s parade” but this coaching staff has done one hell of a job getting the team this far. They should be applauded for that and the team’s successes of 50+ wins and possibly a Southeast division title.

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  1. James Moody, 10 years ago Reply

    Wow, you really have exposed the Miami’s weaknesses, I mean I knew about the no bench and such but not the defense part, I thought this was rather interesting, and maybe this is why they always lose to Boston and bulls, because they try to outscore the best defensive teams…

    Wonderful insight, now I feel more confident about my Magics :P

    • Eric Labrador, 10 years ago Reply

      Thank you. Good luck to the Magic. They will need it if Dwight Howard “blows up” and gets Tech’d in playoffs.

  2. JonaG, 10 years ago Reply

    The 2nd round? I feel they will make it to the Eastern Finals. WIth Haslem coming back they automatically become that much deeper and dangerous. I say East Finals!

    • Eric Labrador, 10 years ago Reply

      We shall see. If they go to Boston in the 2nd round, I think its over.

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