The Problem with Talent

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The Problem with Talent is that it will lie to you, or at least exaggerate.  Talent tells half-truths. Talent will tell you, you can get by without fundamentals and intensity.  When in fact, Fundamentals and Intensity together will always beat Talent alone. Talent is like that friend that encourages you to do the exact thing that your parents (Fundamentals and Intensity) told you to avoid.

Talent is what tells Lebron James to take off balance, undisciplined, three pointers at the end of the games that barely hits the backboard.  Fundamentals and Intensity is what tells Ray Allen to shoot the exact same way every time. Like a machine, every time he shoots, it is the same exact motion.  Ray Allen relies on his Fundamentals and Intensity as oppose to his Talent.

Dwight Howard relies on Talent to get rebounds, how do I know.  There is this unathletic, non-jumping, slow moving guy by the name of Kevin Love that is pulling down more rebounds than Dwight.  Kevin Love’s remarkable double-double streak and league leading rebounds per game are pure Fundamentals and Intensity, enhanced to an All-Star level by the Talent he does have.

The NBA is full of guys with Talent, but it is also full of guys that make it on Fundamentals and Intensity alone, and there are also those special players that combine in some measure Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity to carry them to greatness.  Then there are the few Legends that have graced the game that had the highest level of Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity.

Talent, is that which is God given including what comes naturally and easy for a specific player.  Talent makes for easy arrogance, pride, and boastfulness.  Fundamentals is that which must be acquired through hard work, repetition, study, mental development, experience, blood-sweat-tears, and doing things the right way.  Intensity is effort, heart, desire, want, work, grit, not taking no for an answer, toughness, etc.  Sometimes Fundamentals and Intensity take on the appearance of Talent.  At times Fundamental and Intensity can be the Talent in and of itself, that is how you get short white guys who can’t jump in the league. Just joking.  No, seriously, I was joking. But that is what people think, while in actuality most, if not all NBA players have some combination of Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity that is why they are in the league and I am not.  I had no talent. So if all players have Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity what is the problem with Talent.  The problem is not Talent alone, it is how much a player has, and how much a player relies on it vs further developing Fundamentals and Intensity.

The combination between Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity can be seen on different levels from the individual player on up to the team level.  There are teams that rely heavily on Talent, such as Miami and New York, then there are those teams that rely on Fundamental and Intensity, like Utah and San Antonio, and finally there are those teams that have an amazing mix of Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity, such as Boston and Los Angeles.

Regardless of Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity winning a NBA Championships requires a certain amount of divine intervention in favor of your team or the other team.  My pick for the NBA Champion this year was the San Antonio Spurs for the simple fact of the combination of Fundamentals and Intensity, with a nice mix of Talent, but with the recent injury of the Tim Duncan, I am not feeling as confident.

If your team relies heavily on Talent alone, be ready to be disappointed. March Madness, and the NBA Playoffs reminds, reinforces, and reveals just how important Fundamentals and Intensity are and how they can make the “impossible” possible. This is the time of year when David beats Goliath.  No doubt, Talent, Fundamentals, and Intensity will always beat Fundamentals and Intensity alone, but be on the look out for the teams that mix Fundamentals and Intensity to knock off the teams that rely heavily on Talent alone.

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  1. MIkee, 9 years ago Reply

    I am a huge supporter of ooaching. Good coaching is key to success in sports. proper play calling at the right moment and at with the right player makes or breaks a game or scoring chance. talent only take u so far.

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