The Rise of the Chicago Bulls

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We’re on our way to the playoffs in a few short weeks and the team that impressed me the most this season is definitely the Chicago Bulls rolling at 2nd place in the Eastern Conference with a 42-18 record, just three games behind the Celtics.

The team plays a well balance game on both sides of the floor…Derrick Rose, Boozer and Luol Deng play well together. They move the ball well on the floor and the supporting cast is fantastic: Gibson has a lot of talent and he is of great help on offense for now…but as he improves his game the Bulls will get even better. Brewer is a solid player who can score and he’s a great defender (I like the fact that he’s great at stealing the ball).

On the defensive side, Noah is the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls: he relentlessly goes after the ball and he doesn’t back down from anyone in the league. You want someone like that in your team. Joakim Noah is actually the son of Yannick Noah, a famous French tennis player who won like 30 titles during his career. This guy was a really fantastic athlete so it is safe to say that Noah got some good genes from his father, that partly explains his incredible tenacity and athletic abilities!

Ronnie Brewer and Taj Gibson also play good D but Omer Asik is the guy I would call the best helper Noah got on the defensive end of the floor.

That guy (Asik) rebounds the ball consistently, has good hands for a big man and will finish at the hoop when provided a good “dime”.

Keith Bogans is too inconsistent for me, one day he’ll have a good game and the next he’ll be 0 for 12. It is difficult for me to accept that out of a professional basket-ball player. Scalabrine has some talent although he needs more playing time to really get his game to a higher level.

Kyle Korver is the sharp shooter of the Bulls and I would probably like to see him more often on the floor but Thibodeau does his job well so I shouldn’t really venture in a foreign territory!

With the playoffs coming up, the Bulls are looking better with every game I’ve watched from them. The recent Heat-Bulls game during which Luol Deng shattered the Heat’s hope with a three-point corner shot, how they kept their head up after the repeated runs from Miami. Even though, Bosh didn’t show up in that game (he was like 1 for 18) despite Wade and LeBron being, well, Wade and LeBron (with 34 and 29 points respectively!) the Bulls held on to win a decisive game in this run for the playoffs.

These games have a strong psychological influence in how the playoffs will go because the teams are using the games to size each other up and measure how teams react to each other. Coaches get a chance to find what match-ups really work, many strategies are discovered during these games revealing weaknesses for each team.

We will have a great playoffs run this year! I can’t wait.

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