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Now that the trade deadline has passed and all the trades have been finalized, we can talk about the major changes in the NBA landscape. So the dust has settled and how surprised was I to find out that the Celtics let go Kendrick Perkins to OKC for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic: in my opinion, the reason the Celtics lost to the Lakers in last year’s finals 7th game is because Perkins didn’t play. I could be wrong but at least I believed that Kendrick’s interior toughness and defense would have increased Boston chances of winning that 7th game.

So why would Boston give up Perkins? I mean Shaq is great but he’s no defender, besides the play-offs are just long and grueling for a veteran like Shaq. Who is going to stand up to Gasol-Bynum-Odom the life-blood of the Lakers dominance? Kobe will do his thing regardless of who the opponent is, for that reason any team looking to get a title has to have an answer for the Lakers big men. 

This could be the best thing that happened to OKC because they nearly took out LA last year so I’m happy that they acquire Perkins…but what must the spirit be like in the Celtics locker? No surprise that right after the trade, many players in Boston were not happy…Even Doc didn’t seem thrilled about the decision (they couldn’t even hide it), the thing is players like Perkins do work that the stats can’t show…I mean look at the guy: he is intimidating, he never smiles and he is tough to get around. You just can’t move him that easily, plus he’s relentless after the ball. Priceless.

I would be depressed too if I was Garnett or Rondo because this trade made my life harder, it just became much more harder to beat LA now. Don’t get me wrong Jeff Green is a stud and Nenad is a good offensive player and they both are good scorers (Nenad has a fantastic jump shot and Green plainly knows how to score), but I just don’t believe they are what the Celtics needed right now…but then again who am I to talk?

Ultimately, OKC is the biggest winner out of the NBA trades this year…their only weakness was the interior defense and they fixed that with their latest acquisition. They already have enough offense to win playoffs games even without Green and Nenad.

 With confidence,  I can see OKC ending up with the Lakers or the Spurs in a Western conference finals. It would make for a very exciting NBA finals for sure.

The East is going to be very interesting this year in the playoffs since Chicago has emerged as one of the best teams in a league with a 40-17 record. They are great to watch..they play defense, they share the ball, they have a well-balanced offense and no one can stand in front of Derrick Rose so we will see who will come out of the East.

Did anybody watch the recent Chicago-San Antonio game? That game really revealed how good the Bulls are this year, I can’t wait to see how they finish the year and go to the playoffs…and they’re playing this good with Noah (their heart and soul) injured and on the bench, when he comes out…they will be even better.

I am glad the Bulls didn’t do any trades as they are playing well, why change when you’re doing good?

I love Carmelo Anthony but going to New York was just not smart at all, first of all Denver is a much better team than the Knicks. Why go to a lesser team if you want to win? You have Chauncy running the point, Kenyon Martin and the Birdman blocking shots and rebounding, and you have JR a rogue assassin who can go off to score 30 any given night.

What more can you ask for? Just because LeBron decided to leave Cleveland doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing, besides LeBron had a clear plan…win a title with Dwayne who knows how to go about it. But with New York, it is a whole different scenario…a below average team with a great big man but no one around to win championships, I mean I love Chauncey but all they got is offense and absolutely no defense….it’s just not going to happen for them and I feel bad because I think Melo deserves better. But this is what he wanted, be careful what you wish for.

Plus, I felt really bad for George Karl because after battling his cancer last year…I am sure he was ready to lead his team in the playoffs for another run. Denver didn’t do too bad last year, not so badly that it was time for Melo to leave. I really think that Denver is good enough to be a threat in the Western conference with Melo, Chancey and company.

Deron Williams is a skilled player but getting his coach to retire just made him a liability anywhere he goes in my book. Coach Sloan is a great coach and if you can’t get along with a great coach, what does that make you? Besides Utah is re-known for transforming ordinary players into excellent players (Boozer, Wesley Matthews, Corey Brewer and the list goes on).

So he’s going to a losing team to never win again: the New Jersey Nets, good riddance! The Jazz should have gotten rid of him before their coach quit though, I know that for sure. Now they’ve lost it all, the good days are over for the Jazz.

There are my overall opinions about the trade, thanks!

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  1. DaveeBoy, 9 years ago Reply

    I agree. OKC is tough as nailz now. Boston is weak, although they supposedly got Troy Murphy. He’s no Perk.

    Denver doesnt look too bad with all these pieces now and D-WIll, well he’ll thrive in Jersey and with Sloan gone it doesn’t look too good in Utah rite now.

    Gr8 review man!

    • Hadji Beye, 9 years ago Reply

      Yes DaveeBoy,

      OKC really did it…their management team really know how to put matching pieces together, I mean they just came out of nowhere and became a really good team. Mostly young players with a few experienced guys (Collison, who, I believe, is a solid part of the team).

      And Boston, don’t even get me started…I admire their team and what it stands for, but I just think that the GM and upper management let the team down…and they will pay for it comes the finals, if they get there.

      Denver, you know what, I just watch their game against the Celtics last week and they looked really good. Melo’s departure may not be such a bad thing for them, other talented players like JR will get to step up and you already know Chandler is a stud while Felton got some skills on him…
      The Nuggets did beat the Celtics by playing Defense (what? in Denver) and by sharing the ball and playing a well balance offense. It was fun to watch!

      Finally I also agree with you about Utah, nobody can tell for sure how they will survive Sloan and D-Will departures.

      Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Ramiar, 9 years ago Reply

    What a crazy day it was. Good breakdown. I think NJ will be good now that Deron is leading them. He’ll help attract free agents in the off season, and should make the playoffs next year!

    • Hadji Beye, 9 years ago Reply

      Hey Ramiar,

      You know what? Deron Williams got skills although I’m not a big fan of his. His presence in New Jersey will definitely attract other good players to the Nets.
      Especially when they move to New York, it’s really going to be on…there are many NBA players from that area who will look to relocate there.

      I don’t know about the Nets making the playoffs next year now, there are too many powerhouses in the East right now (Celtics, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago and the newly revamped New York Knicks).
      The Nets need a few more quality players and at least two seasons to really get to that level.

      By the way, I didn’t mention Baron Davis going to the Cavs in my review! How dare I? He was the motor for the Clippers, what was management thinking? He was a great teammate for the rising Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan because he had that veteran mentality in advising them. I mean Mo is good but he doesn’t have the same point guard instincts that Baron had…Baron made the Clippers look really good in the last few weeks, haven’t we been watching the same games the GM has been watching?

      Trading BD was the biggest mistake for LA, whenever I watch the Clippers (and I caught many of their games this year)…they always seem to completely break down offensively when BD is on the bench. Bledsoe is a ok player, but he can’t handle the ball if his life depended on it (let’s be real) and Mo is a good shooter but tell me who is going to run the point in LA now?


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